Nano Vista Indestructible Solar Clip

Nano Clip for kids

During this past year, children have increased their screen time dramatically, via homeschooling, tablets, TV and movies. The convenience of using a single pair optical frame for school, at home and outdoor activities with the option of a sun clip has always been a popular choice for ECP’s, parents and kids. In just one click, kids can transform their Nano indestructible original frame into blue light blocking frame to protect them from potentially harmful rays emitted from digital devices. The lens technology provides anti-reflective blue block lens and a polarized lens in one clip. Overexposure to Blue Light from electronic devices can lead to disruption of sleep cycle, tired eyes, headaches & visual fatigue.

Alternative Eyes Blue Light Clips blocks 75% of blue light, the highest percentage on the market.

• Reduces electromagnetic radiation, reducing the increase of eye temperature with EMI treatment.
• Prevents flashes and improves visual comfort with AR treatment. • Neutralizes up to 30 times blue light.
• 13 popular styles available: Arcade, Camper, Crew, Fanboy, Fangame, Gaikai, Glitch, Gran Turismo, Mimi, Pixel, Power Up, Quest and Reply.
• Grey polarized and mirror Solar Clip lens can match with these styles.
• Unisex styles for toddlers, children, pre-teens, and teens Retail: Pricing to be released after launch date.

“A Blue light lens gives parents assurance that their kids eyes are protected during regular screen time, whether it be on tablets, gaming devices, and daily tv viewing.”

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