Nathalie Blanc Announces The Launch of Maison Nathalie Blanc

Nathalie Blanc, the founder, and designer of the eponymous luxury eyewear brand Nathalie Blanc Paris announced a new phase of growth, a rebranding, and the debut of a new brand.

Nathalie Blanc has announced the launch of ‘Maison Nathalie Blanc’, the new name for the Parisian house which will shelter three unique and exceptional brands:

  • Nathalie Blanc Paris – A collection made exclusively in France, designed for a unisex customer. The unveiling of the new campaign is scheduled this month. The collection will be available at optical stores and concept stores in early October.
    Monsieur Blanc – A collection made exclusively in France and dedicated to men. The frames are raw and masculine yet delicate and elegant. The collection will be available at optical stores and concept stores at the end of October.
  • Blanc.. – A more youthful, edgy, contemporary collection for young adults and adapted to their everyday life.

About Maison Nathalie Blanc

In 2015, Nathalie Blanc launched her first eyewear brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, with the desire to create comfort for the complexity and individuality of each nose and face. Nathalie Blanc is a true ambassador for the French manufacturing and excellence in know-how, her talent exudes in the refined and delicate frames she designs. In 2018, at Silmo Paris, the World Optics Fair, and in competition with the major international brands, Nathalie Blanc Paris wins the Special Jury Prize ”Silmo d’Or”, a prestigious award for innovation and creation with the “Suzanne 253”. The same year, after succeeding in modernizing and sublimating the look of men and women, Nathalie Blanc launches a youthful, edgy, and contemporary collection for teenagers that she names “Blanc…” In 2019, Nathalie Blanc Paris is nominated for the ”Silmo d’Or” Special Award in the sunglasses category with the ”Maman 128” and Blanc… is nominated or the ”Silmo d’Or” Special Award in the teenager’s eyewear category with the ”Ariane”. The Parisian house has become one of the benchmarks of the eyewear design, positioning itself as an “haute couture” brand mixing tradition with a modern approach. Maison Nathalie Blanc is available at more than 700 stores around the world and is featured in many major magazines.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024