Nathalie Blanc Paris – Les Sublimes


Throwing it back to 2017 for the new campaign by Nathalie Blanc Paris, announced “Les Sublimes”, a selection of glasses meant to showcase the most iconic models of the beginning of the brand.

This campaign was thought out as a new take on the timeless collection. With a very minimalistic and modern approach, it embodies to perfection the vision of the designer. The iconic shapes of Nathalie Blanc Paris are artfully highlighted through a colorful and graphic make-up style.

The frames are worn by Fanny, the first muse of Nathalie and Ambre, the modern women incarnated, ambitious, smart, and beautiful. With her “Les Sublimes”, Nathalie Blanc Paris offers the perfect pair of glasses for every type of faces both for men and women.

The selection has been made by Nathalie Blanc, the 14 selected pieces both optical and solar, metal and Havana that represent the French “savoir-faire” so dear to Maison Nathalie Blanc.

The glasses are wonderful and audacious, they come in different shapes, forms, and colors. They are the ground on which Maison Nathalie Blanc was built.

Nathalie Blanc Paris is made with artistry in France in one of the most prestigious factories founded by Jean Lempereur in the 60s, combining the finest materials, such as Mazzucchelli Italian acetate and 22k gold with high-quality design. Here are just a few of the wonderful designs.

Nathalie Blanc SUZANNE
Nathalie Blanc ALEXANDRA
Nathalie Blanc BRUNO
Nathalie Blanc EDITH
Nathalie Blanc HELENE
Nathalie Blanc OTTO


About Maison Nathalie Blanc:

The Parisian house has become one of the benchmarks of the eyewear design, positioning itself as an “haute couture” brand mixing tradition with a modern approach.

In 2015, Nathalie Blanc launched her first eponymous eyewear brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, with the desire to create comfort for the complexity and individuality of each nose and face. Nathalie Blanc Paris, the luxury brand of eyewear, rose quickly to set itself apart from the rest of the industry with its innovation, its impeccable craftsmanship, and the finest materials.

The same year, after succeeding in modernizing and sublimating the look of men and women, Nathalie Blanc launches a youthful, edgy, and contemporary collection for teenagers that she names ‘’Blanc…”.

In Fall 2020, the company expands and rebrands with the name Maison Nathalie Blanc. The same year, Maison Nathalie Blanc launches Monsieur Blanc, a collection dedicated to men, and restructures Nathalie Blanc Paris to women and unisex collection. ’’Blanc…” is now designed to appeal to young adults.

Maison Nathalie Blanc is available in more than 2000 stores. Check out the entire line on their website.

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