National Monkey Day is December 14

While there are a few companies that give back to animals there is only one company that ‘s focus is giving back to orangutans. Orangutans only found in two areas Borneo and Sumatra, both rain forest habitats, which are being destroyed by humans. Hunting, Poaching, pet trade, logging, Forest Fires, farming of Palm Oil products have led Orangutans to be classified as critically endangered.

International Orangutan Day is August 19th– and National Monkey Day is December 14. So if you missed August, you can now be prepared for 2018.

The 2016 estimated population is around 100,000 orangutans in the wild. It is expected that the populations will decrease to 47,000 individuals by 2025. In fact it is said that Palm Oil could Kill off Orangutans within the next 1o years. An estimated 1000-5000 Orangutans are killed every year due to Palm Oil.

Orangutans are very important to the Rain Forest eco-system. Many rainforest seeds can only germinate if passed through an Orangutan. In fact, if there were no Rainforests, we just might be dead, they keep us cool and warm, they clean the air and let’s not forget about the number of animals in the rainforest.

Let me tell you how sick some of this is, a female orangutan was used as a sex slave in Indonesia was rescued from a brothel in 2003. (Source) A rare albino orangutan was just rescued in Borneo (Source) Orangutans have been found buried alive

There is one zero-waste eyewear company, Monkey Glasses that gives back to help save these critically endangered animals.


What can an eyecare professional do? Support Monkey Glasses, have a Give Back Trunk Show, put up a donation box, work with a local zoo.

The biggest thing that a person can do is stop buying Palm Oil and supporting companies that are deforesting and killing off these valuable animals. For a list of sustainable Palm Oil companies see


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