National Sunglass Day Is June 27th

It seems like only yesterday most of us were ankle deep in snow and frigid temperatures and here we are just weeks away from National Sunglass Day. What is National Sunglass Day? National Sunglass Day is the annual event promoted by The Vision Council that takes place every June 27th, to celebrate and inform the public on the importance of wearing ultraviolet (UV) protective sunwear and eyewear.

National Sunglass Day is a great opportunity for your store or practice to promote sunglasses and educate your customers and patients about the importance of protecting their eyesight not just during the summer, but all year long. As The Vision Council points out, we call them SUNglasses not SUMMERglasses for a reason.

Every day millions of Americans make the conscious decision to not wear sunglasses or other UV-protective eyewear. While seemingly harmless, this habit carries serious vision risks, many of which are not known or understood by those who fail to wear protective frames.

UV radiation is often recognized as the culprit for sunburns and skin cancer, but most people don’t realize the damaging impact the wavelengths inflict on their vision. The problem originates with the sun’s unfiltered UV rays. Just as these rays can burn skin cells, they can also harm unprotected eyes. A full day outside without protection can cause immediate, temporary issues, such as swollen or red eyes, and hypersensitivity to light. Years of cumulative exposure can cause cancer of the eye or eyelid, and accelerate conditions like cataracts and age-regulated macular degeneration.

National Sunglasses Day serves as a reminder that sunglasses are a major health necessity – regardless of whether it’s sunny or cloudy, warm or cold – and spread the word that sunglasses and other UV-protective eyewear are key to protecting long-term eye health.

It’s also important to educate your patients and customers about the importance of children wearing UV protective sunglasses too. It is estimated that due to time outside as well as the clarity of the lenses in young children’s eyes, that over half the UV damage they will receive to their eyes over their lifetime occurs before age 20.

Here is a link to FREE materials that can help you and your store or practice promote National Sunglass Day from The Vision Council.