Neurolens Announces N3

Neurolens Announces N3 An immersive, virtual-reality-based measurement and education experience

Powered by over ten billion data points on patient visual behavior and over ten years of proven patient outcomes, Neurolens introduced N3—an immersive, engaging virtual reality experience that educates patients while measuring. N3 provides an objective, accurate, and repeatable measurement of binocular alignment, which incorporates elements of heterophoria, fixation disparity, accommodative convergence response, and central and peripheral alignment.

“Our primary goal remains as it has always been: to facilitate great patient outcomes through the proven therapeutic benefit of Neurolenses. N3 will enable even more eye care providers to measure eye misalignment down to a fraction of a prism diopter, regardless of binocular vision experience,” said Pierre Bertrand, Neurolens CEO. “In addition, N3 is also easy to use and staff-friendly, supported by a thorough implementation process and best-in-class ongoing customer support.”

N3 measures eye misalignment at distance and near using a dissociative test where the eyes are shown independent non-fusible targets, and direction of gaze is measured. This measurement is combined with an associative test where peripheral fusion is attained, and central alignment is measured. Effectively, this measurement of eye alignment is an objective measurement of the angle of strabismus and/or an evaluation of binocular vision. N3 consists of a stereoscopic display and a sophisticated eye-tracking mechanism for an objective measurement that does not rely on subjective assessments from either the practitioner or the patient. The test consists of a distance measurement at 1.7 meters, which is based on typical TV viewing distance, a key indicator of patient visual behavior; and a near measurement at 50 centimeters, which is based on typical reading distance, also a key indicator of patient visual behavior.

Zachary Dios, Neurolens Vice President of Engineering, and Nate Schomas, Neurolens Vice President of Customer Experience, led the multi-year development program for N3. “A diverse team of experts in eye care, engineering, mechanics, electronics, practice management and more collaborated to seamlessly integrate years of experience in binocular vision and machine learning with cutting-edge virtual reality technology,” said Dios.

Schomas added, “We are very proud of the final product from a technological standpoint, but even more proud of how easy it is to incorporate this technology into any eye care practice.”

About Neurolens

Neurolens commercializes breakthrough technology to improve vision care. With patented Contoured Prism technology, Neurolenses are the first and only prescription lenses that go beyond visual acuity to provide comfort for the majority of adults who complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain, and eyestrain when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work. The Neurolens Contoured Prism design helps the eyes work together comfortably, bringing the eyes into alignment to relieve painful symptoms. Technology from Neurolens is only available to Independent Eye Care Providers.

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