New Colors For Dansharian’s Collection “Armenian Soul”

Dansharian Arzni copper temple

Dansharian, a brand born in 2022 from the collaboration between Alain Miklitarian and Danshari, presented at Silmo some new and exclusive color combinations for the models ARZNI, TACHIR, and ARENI. ARZNI, TACHIR and ARENI are part of the Armenian Soul collection designed by Alain Miklitarian and composed of seven models, six optical and one sun.

In creating these models, Alain drew inspiration from some locations in Armenia, his homeland, in particular: GOSH, a village perched at 1200m with its 12th-century monastery; GARNI renowned for its Ionic temple located on the top of a basalt canyon; ARENI, where you can taste a wide variety of Armenian wines; TACHIR, ancient royal city; GORIS and its landscapes refer us to the origins of the world; SEVAN which takes its name from its magnificent lake; and ARZNI with its thermal springs and the small church of S. Kiraki.

Arzni Shiny Champagne
 Arzni Shiny Champagne

Alain Miklitarian plays with colors and shapes, reflecting the shades of Armenian nature and culture, without compromising with fashion, respecting his vision and his idea of eyewear, with absolute consistency.

Arzni Limited Edition Copper

Sober materials and colors were chosen for this collection, with flashes of color that express the joy of living in this wonderful country. The laminated temples are made of acetate with a colored titanium core to delicately capture the light as it happens in these villages perched on the mountains and surrounded by nature.

Arzni Shiny Black

The model ARZNI was presented at MIDO in two wonderful Limited-Edition colors: the light havana of the front naturally blends with the fluorescent green temple, and the black laminated orange front blends harmoniously with the copper-colored temple. Dansharian proposes three new ARZNI colors for the ongoing collection: black, havana and champagne play harmoniously with gun, lavender, and titanium wire cores.

The TACHIR model, which stands out for the sinuous waves of the front and temples, was presented in two Limited Edition versions: black front with white lamination and temples with white wire core, light havana front with turquoise lamination, and temples with lavender wire core. TACHIR is now enriched with three new color combinations for the ongoing collection: black, dark havana, and champagne blend with the gold and lavender wire core.

Finally, ARENI, an ongoing model, is presented in a new color that harmoniously combines the transparent champagne-colored acetate front and the temples with a gold wire core.
Dansharian also presents a patent in a world premiere, FTS (Flat Temple System), which allows the perfect overlap of the temples without causing tension or deformation.


Danshari – an eyewear brand Made in Japan from an idea by Giuseppe La Boria – at the beginning of 2020 debuted on the market with the exclusive The Art of Minimalism collection, made of acetate and pure Japanese titanium, which offers extremely light and flexible frames, with a refined and elegant design. In line with the Zen philosophy that inspires the brand, the collection is designed to offer the consumer timeless glasses that can satisfy his only true desire: the natural need for beauty, quality, and essentiality.
“Anima Armena” is the new Dansharian collection, launched in 2022, designed and signed by Alain Miklitarian – the creative genius who revolutionized the concept of eyewear – and produced by DANSHARI. Danshari distributes Hilx, a sports brand with an ultralight design and an innovative multidirectional hinge that guarantees comfort during every type of movement.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024