New Divel Lens Campaign Launches at MIDO

Divel will present a new campaign for Mido 2023, inspired by a well-known Italian expression, “gli occhi parlano” (in English, “eyes speak”).  The main characters of the campaign are six young people, each with their own unique personality, and with different passions and different careers, expressed by a specific Divel Italia product.

DIvel Eyes Speak Campaign

The character called Tom, for example, is described by Divel as a starry-eyed history professional who loves rock music and everything vintage, so he wears aviator frames with Divel’s Throwback Bicolor lenses, a new addition to the company’s range of sun filters for this year’s MIDO 2023.

DIvel Eyes Speak Campaign

‘Throwback’ is a collection of sun filters inspired by the fashions of the 1970s and includes the traditional bottle green of classic aviator glasses, the jet black of a vintage typewriter, the tobacco brown of mid-century modern design, and other retro colors.

DIvel Eyes Speak Campaign

The character Eva is portrayed as an infectiously bubbly, professional ballet dancer. Eva is an eternal optimist, almost always in a good mood, and loves spending time with her many friends. She likes to sleep in and if she has an early-morning appointment, she always wears sunglasses and claims they help hide her secrets. She loves protective, oversized eyewear and Divel’s Darkpop lenses, which add a touch of bold color to reflect her personality. Darkpop lenses are another new release for MIDO this year at Divel and are an expansion of the two-tone Bollipop collection. The Darkpop lenses feature hot pink, bright blue, and vibrant orange and yellow paired with darker tones.

At Mido, the full campaign will be revealed with further lens announcements, which will include a line inspired by the Nineties and The Bright Dice collection – an extension of Divel’s LOGOMANIA EVOLUTION line, a union of beauty and technical performance. Visit the Divel website for more information.

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