New Lookkino Styles Dress Children’s Eyes

NIL Kids series 3880 frames Fall 2022

Super lightweight and soft to the touch – the new Lookkino NIL Kids series 3880, by LOOK – made in Italia specifically for kids 4 years and up, focus on their joy and vitality.

In order to produce ultralight eyewear that holds up under the active use of small children, the front of the new styles are made of NIL (Natural Injection Light), a state-of-the-art technopolymer whose particles are molded into the most unique and balanced shapes. The innovative ingenuity of this product lies in the temples, where the internal part is in EVO (EVOlution polymer), derived from the development of its RUBBER EVO “big brothers”. Especially suited to children’s frames, EVO is soft to the touch, so it also ensures greater wearing comfort during active use without sacrificing the huge cool factor of iconic NIL products.

NIL Kids series 3880, frames

By combining the two materials – both 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic – NIL Kids eyewear is the perfect answer to children’s needs for quality, safety, and image. Thanks to exclusive technologies, the new styles adapt to smaller faces, based on designs meant to improve kids’ lives from the time they’re infants. In the quest to deliver a superior product, each style is developed in collaboration with ophthalmologists, specialists, and parents.

The Lookkino production cycle maintains excellent standards throughout its entire process. This translates to strict control of each production phase, in compliance with specific provisions for eyewear applicable to medical devices.

All Lookkino frames are also traceable because they’re developed, designed, and produced in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

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