New M14 Aviator Line by Lunor

Come fly with me – the new collection M14 by Lunor is a display of longing, the desire to travel, and wanderlust. It gets its inspiration from the shape of the aviator goggles out of which the Lunor designers created completely new edgy models. The frame reflects the two poles of the desire to travel and outlasting a time characterized by travel interruptions.

Lunor M14 02RGS
Lunor M14 02AG

The aviator shape had already been in the product lines of Lunor some time ago; for the M14 model, the Black-Forest glasses manufacture has chosen a new design approach: The aviator frame gets new shape variations from panto to hexagonal. In addition, the glass shape is designed smaller so that it flatters every face. The M14 is available in four different shapes in the colors, antique gold, antique silver, and satin rose gold. It has been created with a lot of love for detail and highest design standards: Thus, the fine line details on cheek and rims of the eyes are a sophisticated reference to the creative origin of the model in aviation style rounding off the design. The designers also deliberately opted for using titanium, the aeronautic material, whereby the M14 is a real lightweight.

Lunor M14 01RGS
Lunor M14 01AS

These new shapes are therefore a flattering and at the same time expressive highlight for aviator fans. With the diverse range of shapes – with edges and prominent to more subdued panto shapes – every flight enthusiast gets their own flight of fancy to their taste.


Lunor M14 03RGS
Lunor M14 03AS
Lunor M140 4AS
Lunor M14 04RGS

About Lunor
Lunor AG is appreciated by spectacles aficionados as a manufacturer of quality. In this, understatement not only characterizes the design of the brand but is also the unspoken mission statement of the company. As a highly specialized glasses manufacturer with an extensive range, Lunor has been producing German-made vintage glasses for over 25 years, gaining international appreciation in the process.

Stars such as Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Meg Ryan, and Uma Thurman have all been seen in their Lunor glasses. Apple founder Steve Jobs was also a big fan of the German premium brand. The rimless glasses that he wore without fail for 14 years originated with Lunor, advancing from a niche model to achieve cult status.

The collection also includes antique-looking metal rims, titanium frames, sunglasses and a broad range of acetate frames in retro design. The creation of each frame requires up to 200 individual steps. This attention to detail is appreciated worldwide. Markets with the strongest sales include the US, South Korea, France, and Japan. Further information can be found at