New Optical Worldwide B2B Platform

Even before COVID 19, when it was still possible to travel, attend fairs, receive visitors,… we were already aware of the change that was taking place in the way we were buying and selling optical products.

OPTIC MANUFACTURERS – OM is nothing more than a logical solution to some of the problems that have arisen, both for brands and opticians, in this highly globalized market, with profound changes in consumer purchasing habits, strong competition, reduced margins and to which we must add the new limitations arising from the COVID 19 crisis.

B2B – Business to Business. OM enables the direct sale of products from brands to opticians worldwide. Both sellers and buyers must be officially registered companies and belonging to the optical sector.

OM is not a B2C – Business to Customers. End-consumers can not enter to the platform.

OM does not want to replace the current commercial forces of the brands, we want to enable them to offer their products via the platform to all opticians in countries where they currently have no commercial force and do not sell.

At OM, opticians have access to many brands that are not been present in their countries and that they could only see at trade fairs. In just a few clicks, they can buy the products offered by these brands, directly from them, extending their range of products and offering them to their end customers.

The integration of the logistic provider DHL in the OM platform makes it possible for orders to be delivered anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours. Directly from the brand warehouses to the buyers wherever they are.

The solution of a real and serious B2B, specialized in the optical sector, which takes care of facilitating the sale to the brands wherever they need it, which enriches the product offer and makes possible its fast delivery to the opticians, which responds to the logistics between them anywhere in the world, is already a reality and has come to stay,

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