New Vision for the future of the Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY

JF Rey Eyewear for men

The Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY is known for many years as an artistic icon and innovative design house, with individual handwriting and a great design team creating unique made in France products.

The company has successfully been operating for decades on a worldwide level as an ambassador of French design culture.

Jean-François Rey has decided, a few months ago, as a result of a long and profound analysis to hand over the responsibility and the control of the company into the hands of Walter Pirinoli, Dan Levi, and Ralf Kmoch as a well-planned shift in ownership.

The three managers joined forces years ago, are highly experienced specialists in the eyewear business (Visibilia/Visioptis), and are seeing great potential in further developing the unique brands and preparing the company for all future challenges.

Their vision of maintaining the origins and structures of the Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY embracing the core contents of design and quality-driven approach as well as the international experience they represent has been convincing Joëlle and Jean-François also on a personal level.

Joëlle and Jean-François Rey will continue to manage and support the design team, which is essential on the way to prepare the company for future challenges maintaining the iconic concept of design and colors and assuring continuity to the Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY.

“I am deeply convinced that the steps undertaken will be the best to keep on writing the success story of the Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY we have developed together in a way that my legacy and contribution will be substantial also for the years to come.”
(Jean-François Rey – Honorary President)

Jean Francois Rey Design

“We feel highly honored that Joëlle and Jean-François have accepted our proposal understanding our sincere and professional approach. Therefore we can assure that a cautious evolution, maintaining the core values of the Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY is our mission.” (Walter Pirinoli – CEO)


Known for his quirky collections and differentiating style, Jean-François Rey is one of the first French designers to have revolutionized the codes of eyewear. At the crossroads of art, architecture, and high technology, he composes with shapes, materials, and color to build unique frames that express each person’s personality.

The company is operating from Marseille and has two subsidiaries in the US and Netherlands, a direct distribution in Europe and Japan, and a network of local distributors all around the world.

The main collections are JF REY – eyewear design, Petite, Kids & Teens, BOZ, and VOLTE FACE.

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