New Year Resolution: Get Out Of A Rut

It happens to us all… we get in a rut, we are afraid to change anything, we are bored, life becomes routine, our mind wanders, apathetic, we do not want to deal with issues, eating too much, drinking too much… It might mean you are in a rut or at least a major pothole and it is time to recognize the fact and DO SOMETHING.

Roger Packer

For many a New Year Resolutions to not just get out a rut to learn to stay out of it .

1.) Do what you Love-¬†Go back to what you really loved about your business. You started it for some reason and had some passion for a certain ‘product, service, medical reason.’ Go back to where your passion is. As business grows one tends to get caught up in the details that detract from passion. If you find yourself managing rather that refracting or managing rather that fitting.. do what you love a couple of hours a day.

2.) Delegate– Those tasks that become chores.. delegate and delegate some more. If you are not in a position to delegate (i.e. your job description) speak to your manager and owner and find out a way to make those tasks more challenging or rewarding. If you are a manager or owner train your staff to take over. If there are too many steps in a process, see what you can so to make it simpler.

Photo: Creative Commons via Flickr puuikibeach

3.) Re-look at time management– Everybody has tasks they detest, it is part of life, but you can change the way you do those tasks especially if delegation is not possible. ‘I will do this first everyday for 1 hour’. I will work on this project everyday for 2 hours, I will finish this task by Friday. Set a time limit and time to finish so it gets done.

4.) Get rid of non-productive and negative staff- Nothing can put a person more in a rut than poorly performing and negative staff. They take up time, destroy morale and cause huge problems.

5.) Keep it Simple– Review your SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and can you eliminate some of your procedures? How many guidelines and rules take up part of your day?

6.) Work with positive people-Eliminate the Downers from your life and spend time with those who are upbeat and positive. That counts employees as well.

7.) Take breaks– Take a walk around the block, put a yoga mat in the office, do a crossword puzzle, read a book, stay off Social Media, talk to a friend, go out to lunch.

Getting out of a rut does not happen overnight unfortunately. That is why like anything, one has to work on and make an effort to change. If you have been unhappy at work or at home, think about making a Rutstyle change for 2018.

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