New Year’s Resolution: Be More Productive

As we go into the new year, is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to be more productive? Research says that as much we think technology  is making us more productive in reality it may be offset by technology.

A study by CareerBuilder says that Smartphones, Internet, Social Media and email are some of the biggest workplace productivity killers. The Study says:

44% of the biggest distraction is employees using their cellphones.

37 % of employers point to office gossip as their biggest productivity killer

27% say co-workers stopping by to chat accounts for their biggest productivity obstacle.

  1. Cellphones/texting
  2. The Internet
  3. Gossip
  4. Social media
  5. Email
  6. Co-workers dropping by
  7. Meetings
  8. Smoke breaks/snack breaks
  9. Noisy co-workers
  10. Sitting in a cubicle
Image: Zac Johnson

If any these productivity killers are happening in your office it makes sense to eliminate or discourage these distractions. Make sure all policies are also in the employee manual.

1.) Put in place a social media policy.

2.) Ban or block certain websites.

3.) Put in place a personal call policies and cell phone use.

4.) Set up specific lunch and break times.

5.) Monitor email and internet usage.

6.) Re-evaluate meetings and make more proactive.

7.) Have employees be accountable: Set goals for each employee and the office.

8.) Encourage employees to take breaks by taking walks or exercise, which clears the mind. Also keeps them from chatting and gossip.

Which of the above do you think your eyecare office can improve upon?




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