Nigel the Geico Gecko’s Eyeglasses – What Do They Tell Us?

Nigel's glasses
Nigel's glasses

I am curious about Nigel the Geico Gecko’s eyeglasses. Does anyone recognize them? They are very eye catching and make him look quite intelligent and debonair. The copy in this ad talks about financial stability and on the other side of the page the ad discusses Warren Buffet who’s company Berkshire Hathaway acquired Geico in 1996. There is another picture of the eyeglasses on this next page. So why I am talking about this?

1. It is a good example of how important eyewear is for a person’s (or Gecko’s) image. Very important to communicate this to optical customers who may need a little upgrading to help their overall image, especially if they might be interviewing for a job.

2. This ad shows how eyewear can be attention getting, some people like to be noticed and their eyewear says a lot about them and their image. 

3. It might be inspiration for an eyeglass window display. Any ideas for other creatures or icons wearing glasses?

4. Optical advertising and merchandising can be a little boring, sometimes it is good to mix it up and make it fun. This is not an optical ad of course but it has a good combination of fun carrying a serious message that by itself is not too exciting. Optical ads and messages, particularly when prescription lenses are involved, need to add a little spice sometimes. This is an example of how a product in another industry does that.