NIRVAN JAVAN Returns To Toronto


SHADES OF TORONTO expands to include new styles and colors; see summer in Toronto. The elegance of modernity. NIRVANA JAVAN returns to Toronto, taken by its versatility and strength. A city of such magnitude has no shortage of inspiration, and so it finds itself once again in the brand’s frames. The metropolis of Canada once again invites us to be experienced.


The city of Toronto bears the motto Diversity, our strength on its coat of arms. It is precisely this celebration of different cultures, the versatility of the city, that is reflected in the four new models in the collection. The classic, bold shapes are enhanced by sporty design, an expression of the dynamism of the metropolis in the north. In line with the city’s guiding principle, the color spectrum of the existing models also expands. Orange, white, red, and purple line up and make SHADES OF TORONTO one of the most colorful collections NIRVAN JAVAN. The frames are loud, contrasting, and uncompromising, without losing the designer’s distinctive signature. It’s going to be a Canadian summer.


Each collection tells its own story. Handcrafted in Japan from Japanese acetate, the frames hold the resilience befitting Toronto’s uncompromising diversity. Thus, the city’s motto Diversity, our strength is engraved on the frames. The photochromic lenses adapt to any light in a cloudy city. The designer’s signature can be discovered not only in the design. As a signature, it runs across the temple inlays. The stylish journey continues through the modern world.



Walking through the world with open eyes, discovering and internalizing new perspectives; elegance at its finest. This is the cosmopolitan creed. It is the guiding principle by which NIRVAN JAVAN lives, designs, and creates. It is a way of thinking, that found its way deep into the designer’s signature style. With its elegance, the pursuit of perfection, and the creative openness to transform foreign impressions into modern eyewear, the brand gives out an invitation to everybody who is curious and open enough to embrace the world in with all its facets and cultures: experience the world at its finest. This is the symbiosis of cultures, made wearable by NIRVAN JAVAN. Creative passion and the strive for perfection flow together and translate sprawling metropolises into frames of optical glasses and shades. It’s a modern world caught in the shape of frames.

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