Non Verbal Communication and Optical Patient Care

You know the expression, Actions speak Louder than Words- Well it’s true, because those actions are non- verbal communication with your optical patients.

Our recommendation- Review the List below, take a week and monitor yourself and all other optical staff to get you all in the habit of Excellent non verbal communication with your optical patients.! Make it Fun and have a good time!

Eye Bogglers

  • Words account for only 7% of communication
  • Tone of voice accounts for 38% of communication
  • Body language accounts for 55% of communication

If 93% of how you communicate is non- verbal-  what are you communicating to your patients?

1.) Smileyou are welcoming the patient and have positive feelings.

2.) No crossed legs or arms- which means you are approachable and open to discussion.

3.) Lean Forward- means you are trying to get closer and are interested in them and what they have to say

4.) Touch- Shake hands firmly. (nothing is worse than a limp handshake)

5.) Eye Contact- is the most important non verbal thing you can do. It means you are paying attention and not distracted. Try to maintain eye contact at least 805 of the time.

6.) NodWhen your optical patient is speaking, nod occasionally as a non-verbal way of saying ‘I hear you’

7.) Do not tap pencils, pens or feet!

8.) Do not yawn or clench fists

9.) Do not answer phones or look at your watch.

10.) Listen to your voice- control the tone and the loudness of your voice.