Nuiit Sunwear Is Inspired By Nanook Of The Arctic

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What first got my attention from new eyewear company Nuiit is the ‘Aleut’ Eskimo fashion eyewear that they have re-developed. The Aleuts in the Artis used bone with a slit for sun protection hundreds of years ago. The look was brought back by Courreges and Pierre Cardin in the 1960s as Space Age Fashion.


Nuiit also offers a pair of Aleut eyewear which had the look of bone and offers the slit for eyesight that is appropriate in the north for eye protection. Which brings about their focus and inspiration for the Northern Light infused Sunwear.

Nuitt is as much about lens protection as it is about eyewear.  The Nuitt Earth lenses are made from tempered Glass and as most optics experts will tell you, glass has the best optical clarity. Four different types of lenses are offered with four different tint options for maximum performance.  Polarized, polarized photo chromatic, are two of the options available.

Styling is for either man or women.. their is little differentiation, classic looks that will last forever. My particular favorite is Earth Zero. which looks like buffalo horn but is a hand brushed acetate using Mazzucchelli. We love the texture and the color integration. You can see that type of texture detailing throughout the whole collection.

Anuri Zero (2)
Earth Zero

Nuiit Sunwear


Nuiit front

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