NW77th Fall 2023 Collection Has Arrived

NW77th eyewear for FW 2023 - eyeglasses on a book

NW77th announced the release of its Fall collection, introducing 12 new eyeglass models to their colorful, contemporary brand. Inspired by young, high-energy lifestyles, NW77th aims to bring a fresh and exciting element to the eyewear industry, encouraging self-expression and individuality through bold shapes and bright colors, as seen throughout their latest designs. The release brings new eyewear to four of NW77th’s product collections, including Block Steel, Street Series, Home Collection, and the Socks Collection, as well as new limited-edition colors to two of their top-selling eyeglass models. Throughout the release, there are 20 never-before-seen colors, each custom-designed and exclusive to the NW77th brand.

From the Block Steel collection, NW77th has released three new models: Space Dust, an oversized round eyeglass, Hazy Little Thing, a small modern square, and Dragons Milk, a half-rimmed eyeglass with an aviator brow. Inspired by one of the brand’s earliest partnerships with a local brewery, each frame from the collection gets its name from a brew of beer. All three Block Steel eyeglasses were handcrafted using surgical-grade stainless steel, coated with the same rubber paint used by Audi and Volkswagen for a smooth, scratch-resistant finish. Within these three models, there are five brand-new colors: Purple Rose, Peach Mint, Pink Strike, Green Silver, and Pink Gun. Ensuring a lightweight, comfortable fit, the three models were designed with thin rims and acetate-covered temple tips, which have a custom color blend and a contrasted tip with the NW77th logo.

NW77th Space Dust
Space Dust
NW77th Hazy Little Thing
Hazy Little Thing
NW77th Dragons Milk
Dragons Milk

The Socks Collection has also received three new eyeglass models: Baby Socks, a bold rounded square, Grippy Socks, a feminine rectangular cat eye, and Toe Socks, a classic rectangle with a range of timeless colors. Each frame is available in four colors, including five brand-new acetate color blends: Nightfire, White Tundra, Matte Marble, Grey Tree, and Charred. Like each frame from this collection, the three new eyeglasses were each handcrafted using custom cellulose acetate, designed with a seamless, contrasting color shift at the temple tips, meant to look as though the frames are wearing socks. Two of these models, Baby Socks, and Grippy Socks, feature an additional contrasting color split on the face of the frame, while Toe Socks keeps it classic with neutral colors and a sophisticated design.

NW77th Baby Socks
Baby Socks
NW77th Grippy Socks
Grippy Socks
NW77th Toe Socks
Toe Socks
NW77th Tuffet
NW77th Hammock
NW77th Poker Table
Poker Table

From the Home Collection, NW77th has added three models, each with a cat eye silhouette: Tuffet, a bold cat eye with an angular design, Hammock, a rectangular cat eye with a smooth curve along the brow, and Poker Table, a rounded eyeglass with a subtle cat eye edge. Like most frames from the Home Collection, each new eyeglass was designed with a contrasting beveled edge for an uplifted look, while a color addition at the edge of the temple brings a playful element to the design. The temples on all three eyeglasses feature a semi-transparent acetate, displaying the custom wire core within that supports the frame. Each eyeglass was handcrafted using biodegradable cellulose acetate, bringing six new color blends to the brand’s contemporary palette, including Lost Marbles, Morning Wind, Snake Skin, Blue Feather, Afterhours, Tort Magenta.

NW77th Mod 1064
Mod 1064
NW77th Mod1065
Mod 1065
NW77th Mod 1066
Mod 1066

Finally, the Street Series collection has received three new eyeglasses: Mod 1064, a classic rounded square with a keyhole bridge, Mod 1065, an expressive round eyeglass blending classic and modern elements, and Mod 1066, a timeless rectangle with a smooth brow and a saddle bridge. Inspired by NW77th’s original place of inception, each frame from this collection gets its name from the streets of Seattle. Like the Socks and Home collections, all Street Series eyeglasses are handcrafted with custom cellulose acetate and a metal wire core, hand-polished until buttery smooth. This collection’s release brings two new colors to the brand, Roadfire, and Sandbox, both designed for Mod 1065 with a mix of black and warm tones paired with a contrasting temple.

Explore NW77th’s full Fall release at nw77th.com/collections/new-releases.

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