NW77th Radiant Reds – A Limited Edition Release

New Limited-Edition Frames from NW77th for Summer 2023

NW77th is thrilled to announce the release of two limited-edition eyeglasses, adding a new color to two of their top models, Couch and Compression Socks. For this small-batch release, the family-owned brand has leaned into this year’s trend of bold, retro-inspired styles, expanding the presence of their favorite bright-red acetate color blends, Snow Red and Red Rocks.

Now available in Snow Red, Couch is a cat eye frame first released to the Home Collection in the Fall of 2022, handcrafted using cellulose acetate with a metal wire core for added durability. The expressive shape of Couch gives the frame that distinctive NW77th style, featuring an indented cat eye edge to display the layers of colored acetate that make up the face of the frame while drawing the eyes upwards.


NW77th Couch

Designed exclusively for NW77th, Snow Red features a fade of bright to deep red with a subtle striped pattern nearing the bottom of the rims. Adding a bit of flair to the design, a tortoise pattern is seen throughout the temples and the indented edges, which are decorated with two stainless steel rivets on each side. Like each frame from the Home Collection, Couch was designed with a contrasting color insert covering the edge of the hinge, this one featuring a deep aqua blue to complement the warm tones. A long-time favorite of the brand, Snow Red appears across 14 additional models throughout the brand’s Home, Socks, Block Steel, and Street Series collections.

Released this past Fall, Compression Socks features a rounded rectangular shape with a downward curve towards the edge of the brow, paired with a saddle bridge for a classic, feminine look. Now available in the Red Rocks color blend, the timeless shape of the frame lets the color blend bring personality to its design.

NW77th Compression Socks
Compression Socks

Unique to the Socks Collection, Red Rocks has only been released with two additional eyeglass models, Frayed Socks, and Torn Socks, making its first appearance in the summer of 2022. Much like Snow Red, Red Rocks features the same bright to deep red tones with a subtle pattern near the bottom, though the fade is broken by a crystal tort insert at the center of the rims. The same crystal tort pattern can be found along the temples, where you can catch a glimpse of the shiny wire core supporting the frame. Like each frame from the collection, the temple tips feature an acetate color split to resemble socks, featuring a bright red hue like the face of the frame with a checkered texture on the interior.


About NW77th

NW77th is an independent, family-owned brand of premium, handcrafted eyewear, inspired by the high-energy lifestyles of young city dwellers. Based in St. Louis, NW77th is owned by the Erker family, who have been dedicated to the craft of beautiful, high-quality eyewear for 144 years and 5 generations. Until they narrowed their focus to eyewear, the Erker family was known for crafting anything with a lens. The company is now run by the 5th generation of Erkers, Jack III and Tony Erker.

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