O.S.I “Optical Sustainable Industry”

Greening the optics industry: Creation of the International label

For several years now, we have seen a development of companies that produce “so-called green glasses” this sector is experiencing considerable growth in France and elsewhere in the world. Natural disasters and current events pose a global but also political question about our consumption patterns. The optics market accounts for almost 7 billion euros in sales in France, so it is a significant economic sector.

But what is an eco-friendly bezel? These are glasses that respect the environment above all, this can be translated in different ways such as the choice of materials used or the processes of clean manufactures. Waste management and environmental impact are also part of its criteria.

A world premiere took place on May 21st in Monaco, in the very powerful world of the Optical Industry. The organization of the Monaco Optical Trophies awarded for the first time to the world “The Trophies of ecological glasses of the year” among 14 awards, the Italian company Ferilli Eyewear won this award in the presence of Carole Rhiel editor-in-chief of the magazine “Green Glasses” and Marjorie Crovetto Harroch, Deputy Mayor of Monaco in charge of sustainable development.

List of 2019 winners in all categories: Ferilli Eyewear, Gaston Eyewear, Banana moon (Visioptis), Maarten WeidemaTEF Magazine, Talla Eyewear, 100%, Boz (JFREY Eyewear Design), Endless, Dzmitry Samal Design , XITeyewear, Li-Occhiali, UltraVision CLPL, ZEISS Group

What’s this all about?

We have decided to create an official label supported by the Monegasque environmental authorities to promote this cleaner and environmentally friendly industry. This initiative will be supported by a Global Day of Moon Know-how and Green Goggles, which will be set annually on October 20. Monaco is the perfect place to centralize this operation. The principality is aware of innovation in ecology and has an international echo thanks to its environmental actions.

The problem is global, all industries will sooner or later have to take into account the ecological issue. This data will have to be included in the company’s processes, in the face of the problem of managing our resources and its depletion on the one hand, and on the other hand in that of the transformation of our waste. The observation is that to this day in terms of ecology, the optics industry is still in its infancy, but promising avenues are opening up: to favor quality production, to sell at a fair price, and to make the choice of quality in the face of quantity. This means consuming cleaner products that meet environmental standards or use more equitable materials or manufacturing processes. All this is possible by respecting an appropriate set of measures. Informing, educating, transmitting information will be the assets of this success.

Actions ?

Promoting the know-how of eco-responsible optical companies will require the annual creation of a global day of moonwear know-how and green glasses set for October 20th.

A set of actions will be put in place to support the companies that manufacture green eyeglasses and accessories, and to relay with the specialized and generalist international press.

Each year, during the Monaco Optical Trophies, the “Green Glasses of the Year” award will be awarded at a gala evening. A premium showcase to showcase this activity.

A membership charter will be established to bring together brands but also points of sale that have a desire to raise awareness of the profession. This charter will include several points to respect, such as having at least one brand of eco-friendly glasses in its point of sale and collecting old frames for the associations that collect and recycle them.

The aim is not to put pressure on the different networks but to “open minds” and to do educational work with consumers and professionals.

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