Ocean Inspired Eyewear

Building on its successful launch last year, Costa has expanded its Del Mar Collection of acetate sunglasses, adding seven new frame styles in multiple colorways – all inspired by the beauty of the ocean’s natural colors and patterns. With this collection, the company continues to enhance its offerings to beach and water lovers everywhere – pairing premium construction with beauty and style.

John Sanchez, vice president of product development said “We spent hours studying the amazing landscapes in and near our watery world to inspire the creative process. The result pays homage to the beaches and waterways that our Costa tribe live in and frequent. The gorgeous acetate colorways, intricate details in logo and custom wire cores round out our previous Del Mar offer, making for a beautiful, high-quality comprehensive collection that takes Costa’s beach-inspired product line to a new level.”

Apalach by Costa Del Mar

The Apalach is named for Apalachicola, in the heart of the Florida panhandle. A masculine, casual acetate frame with sleek lines and a 6 base lens curve, the frame comes in four colorways: Shiny Tortoise, Shiny Black Kelp, Matte Gray Crystal and Shiny Sand Dollar.

Bimini by Costa Del Mar

The Bimini is inspired by one of the most iconic islands in the Bahamas and features a large, cat-eye acetate frame in four sea-inspired colorways: Shiny Abalone, Shiny Vintage Tortoise, Shiny Deep Teal Crystal and Shiny Ocean Current.

Coquina by Costa Del Mar

The Coquina, with its medium, square-shape is a bold acetate frame style that embodies the spirt of its namesake, a popular local beach in Longboat Key. Its colorways include Shiny Ocean Tortoise, Shiny Vintage Tortoise, Shiny Deep Teal Crystal and Shiny Taupe Crystal.

Isla by Costa Del Mar

The Isla is a small round-shaped acetate frame in the vibrant colors of Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean. The small frame features a modified cat eye style in four colorways: Shiny Tortoise, Shiny Tiger Cowrie, Shiny Deep Teal Crystal, Shiny Seashell.

Flagler by Costa Del Mar

The Flagler is a large, masculine style with a Monel® frame with acetate temples and a strong, rectangular lens profile. It’s four colorways are inspired by the small Florida beach town bearing its name: Shiny Silver, Shiny Gunmetal, Brushed Silver and Brushed Gunmetal.

Ponce by Costa Del Mar

The Ponce is named for the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Intracoastal Waterway, Ponce Inlet. This frame combines Monel® with acetate in a masculine frame with an 8 base curve and four colorways: Matte Black, Shiny Silver, Brushed Gunmetal and Brushed Silver.

Fernandina by Costa Del Mar

The Fernandina, named for a small Florida coastal town features a metal frame with rounded lenses and acetate temples for added color. The frame is unisex for smaller faces and has premium 5-barrel hinges. Colorways include: Shiny Gold, Shiny Rose Gold, Brushed Gunmetal and Brushed Gold.

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