OGI Eyewear Celebrates 25 Colorful Years Of Eyewear Innovation

OGI Eyewear 25th Anniversary illustration

OGI Eyewear, the premium fashion eyewear design company, today celebrates 25 years in business. Born in Minnesota in 1997, the indie eyewear house has from its inception been dedicated to self-expression, innovation, and excellence in service. Today, its silver anniversary honors a storied legacy and sees the company poised and ready to take on what’s ahead.

Known for its bold, colorful approach both in products and in branding, OGI blends high-fashion compositions with vivid palettes, dynamic designs, and a uniquely Minnesotan perspective. The company’s innovative approach extends towards its technology suite, most notably evidenced by its groundbreaking Virtual Try-On technology, designed to create a seamless customer experience for providers and patients. OGI’s fiercely independent spirit is perfectly suited to one of the founding members of the Optical Foundry committed to serving independent practices within the eyewear industry. Through its Eye See You giving program, OGI Eyewear supports various optical and health non-profit programs, such as the E.Y.E Community Initiative provided by Phillips Eye Institute, as well as other local and global humanitarian and social causes.

OGI Eyewear’s unique DNA, world-class design, and community values have fueled the rise of the company’s star for the last quarter-century. Rob Rich, CEO of OGI Eyewear, reflected on the rewarding journey to this milestone anniversary. “As we celebrate our 25th year in business, it’s gratifying and satisfying to look back on the path we’ve taken. OGI Eyewear was started to fill a void in the eyewear landscape—specifically when it came to frames. We started specializing in smaller frames with color and personality. OGI quickly grew to cover a broad range of frame sizes while still staying true to our primary reason for existence: crafting trend-setting, intelligent designs and color creations that fill unanswered demands in the market. This remains our passion and tour daily goal. This consistent commitment will propel us for another 25 years!”

In true OGI Eyewear fashion, the company is already looking ahead with excitement towards the future. OGI’s rallying cry for 2023 is a confident declaration: “The Future is Now!” And with its new “Piece of Pie” customer service program designed to exceed service expectations, an upcoming mobile app release, exciting new product designs and a suite of beautiful partnerships, the future is bright.

The OGI Eyewear team extends its heartfelt gratitude towards all independent practices, artistic collaborators, partners and friends who have made the last 25 years possible, and hopes to continue growing this community for many more to come.

About OGI Eyewear

Founded in Minnesota in 1997, OGI Eyewear continuously pushes the boundaries of what it means to create innovative optical products while also supporting the needs of independent eyecare professionals around the country. With its wide range of fresh yet accessible styles, the company offers six unique eyewear brands: OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose, OGI Kids and SCOJO New York.

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