OGI Eyewear Releases Virtual Try-On App

OGI Eyewear Releases Revolutionary Virtual Try-On App

The future is now, and it looks good on your customers and patients. OGI Eyewear has officially released its virtual try-on app to the optical community. Full catalogs from OGI, Seraphin, Red Rose by OGI, Seraphin Shimmer, and SCOJO New York are now available to optical professionals and their patients for the entire fitting experience. This immersive tool is OGI Eyewear’s way of investing in the independent optical community that continues to support our creative endeavors.

“This app is the culmination of years of effort by dozens of people to achieve our goal of bringing a best-in-class, useful tool to the optician,” Rob Rich, CEO of The Optical Foundry, OGI Eyewear’s parent company, shared of this long-awaited app. “Unlike so many other VTO solutions, this is no toy. This is a tool that augments any dispensary with easy, accurate access to literally thousands of options to help promote sales to their customer base. When shared with an end user, it can help expedite the frame selection process. Expand your inventory, curtail wasteful patient approval processes, and increase your overall productivity. The mission of the Optical Foundry is to be a trusted partner to the independent optical and we succeed when they succeed. We have invested in tools like this to be that trusted partner. And best of all, it’s free. “

Your Board Just Got a Lot Bigger

Users have access to hundreds of frame styles and color options from their phones. The OGI App allows for a true 360-degree try-on experience: turn any angle, catalog the frame fit, and capture ambient light. The user can take and send screenshots to friends and select their favorite styles before even stepping foot in an Optician’s office. Opticians can efficiently manage their inventory and keep tabs on the newest releases on the go.

Chief Creative Officer David Duralde on the labor of love this app has been. “We have worked with a community of digital artisans, app developers, and programmers over the past three years to create the most realistic and high-quality experience. This painstaking effort has created the superstar of VTO apps. With our virtual try-on we are matching the highest quality standard we hold when creating our eyewear.”

“Virtual try-on apps can be an excellent PR and marketing tool for independent optical practices,” OGI Eyewear Marketing Director Katja Beier shares. “Our app offers a convenient, personalized, and seamless shopping experience and engagement. By leveraging the power of technology, you can elevate your PR and marketing efforts, attract new customers, and foster loyalty among existing ones.”

OGI Eyewear Releases Revolutionary Virtual Try-On App

Step into a new era of optical styling. No jet pack is required. The OGI Eyewear app is compatible with the Safari browser and any iPhone (10 or above) or iPad Pro with Facial Recognition.

To Install the App from this URL on an iPad or smartphone:

  1. Navigate to the URL in your Safari browser
  2. Click “Share” (the paperclip icon)
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”
  4. Click “Add”

Download, explore the styles, and fall in love with all that OGI Eyewear has to offer.


About OGI Eyewear

Founded in Minnesota in 1997, OGI Eyewear continuously pushes the boundaries of what it means to create innovative optical products while also supporting the needs of independent eye-care professionals around the country. With its wide range of fresh yet accessible styles, the company offers six unique eyewear brands: OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose by OGI, OGI Kids, and SCOJO New York.

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