OKIA is All Around Revolutionary

360o Hinge is a 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge manufactured in Germany with worldwide invention patent by OKIA.

Thanks to this revolutionary hinge – which successfully passed a 10,000 times of rotation test – the temple can be bended 45 degrees outward and 25 degrees upward and downward, as well as rotated 360 degrees. This enhances the eyewear’s durability and makes it more valuable, especially for children who may accidentally sit on their spectacles due to their uncontrolled exuberance.

360 Hinge by OKIA

360o Hinge can be integrated into any kind of frame temples and is therefore suitable for eyewear for any age. Perfect for customization, it provides eyewear with unmatched flexibility and offers a supreme comfort wearing experience to the user, without compromising style.

360 Hinge by OKIA

Bringing ordinary eyewear to the next level, 360o Hinge allows for extraordinary performance and functionality adapting to each customer’s individual style.

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