Old World Style – New Age Charm

Deriving inspiration from classic vintage styling, the KATA eyewear collection is a curated compilation of handmade eyewear fostered with careful attention to detail, perfect fit and timeless styling. Each frame a unique representation in classical eyewear design with special attention to intricate design elements that speak to the authenticity of fine eyewear styling. Fashion forward with a glean toward old world style, the KATA collection brings the iconic charm of retro style to today’s eyewear aficionado.

Heiku by KATA
Meiko by KATA

Keeping true to redefining the KATA heritage with intention – this time with rich jewel tones that many design and architectural trends are showcasing throughout the season. The Unsu, Heiku, Tekki and Meiku feature Japanese acetate and titanium combinations with proprietary triangle detailing. Sleek, subdued, and pleasing to the design eye, this collection builds on the new heritage that is KATA eyewear.

Tekki by KATA


Unsu by KATA

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