On Ignore

Nothing says my call isn’t important more than an on-hold recording telling me every 30 seconds that my call is very important to you. As I called my health insurance company this morning (and yesterday three times) to schedule another MRI, the on-hold message was one song, repeated over and over and over and over and over with a very nice voice telling me every 30 seconds how important my call was to them. You can only imagine how annoying any message repeated twice a minute, every minute for 30 minutes becomes, let alone one that tells me how important I am.

While I certainly hope your customers and patients don’t have to wait 30 minutes on hold when they call, this is more than just venting here. This is a lesson in taking a look at what your on-hold phone script might be. Have you ever called your store or your practice and listened to what your customers and patients are being force-fed? Do you like what you hear? Would it make you want to schedule an appointment with yourself or buy from yourself? Or would the same message from your doctor or nearest retailer make you want to call someone else?