Open Optical? Coming Soon To Facebook

Facebook Logo

Facebook has begun testing a new feature in conjunction with partner Open Table. Those of you who eat out a lot are probably familiar with Open Table, a powerful online restaurant reservation website and smartphone app. Since adding reviews earlier this year, Facebook is looking to compete directly with Yelp in the popular local search market. They already have 20,000 restaurants signed up.

What does this mean for the eye care professional? This app could someday soon be used to make exam appointments from any smartphone connected to Facebook. Enhancements to Facebook such as this will have people connected to Facebook more often and for longer periods of time. It’s probably a very good time to take a 2nd look at your Facebook page(s).

Daniel Feldman, is a co-founder to the Visionaries Group, an optical consulting firm specializing in helping eye care practices achieve success at or on Facebook.

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