opti Announces New Box Awards For Start-Ups

opti BOX AWARD for start-ups

Giving new impulses and bringing the industry together live is the team’s motto for the next opti. In mid-January 2022, however, a piece of the tried-and-tested will be joining the “new normal” that is currently present in every area of life. opti in Munich is returning to its successful four-hall concept which, under the current circumstances, guarantees the greatest trade fair success and the familiar opti atmosphere as well as facilitating the well-known structures and routes, among other things.

The response from the ophthalmic industry is extremely pleasing. “We can already assume that we shall be presenting four full halls and plenty of innovations and enthusiasm. A clearly defined and structured design of the trade fair has proved itself over the years, and we can really tell that people want to meet up again and do business together. opti 2022 will be the customary turbo booster for the industry and, despite the time restrictions, will live up to its mission and claim as a meeting place for innovation and a hotspot for trends,” explains Bettina Reiter, head of opti.

Exhibitors and the trade fair audience can once again rely on opti to tailor key topics and concepts to the needs of the industry and, with a clear hall layout, provide good orientation and efficient trade fair visits. With its infrastructure and well-known possibilities, Munich as a trade fair location offers security and normality so that everyone can devote themselves fully to their reasons for coming to opti: business and expert knowledge. To this end, the opti team will shortly be presenting the digital formats of knowledge transfer that will complement opti’s offer before, during and after the trade fair days. “Everyone can look forward to these digital agenda items,” says Reiter. “In addition, registrations and orders for exhibitors can now easily be submitted online via our exhibitor portal. Routine has never been part of the opti experience. That’s why opti 2022 is going to be different from every single trade fair that preceded it.”

opti BOX AWARD for start-ups

There is also good news for start-ups in the frames sector: the opti BOX AWARD will be presented at opti for the first time in 2022. A jury of experts will select the best start-up from the fifteen opti BOXES in the trendy YES independent design area that can then look forward to effective and financially strong support. opti will provide a voucher for 1,000 euros on the hire of the 2022 opti BOX stand, and the same remuneration for participation in the opti BOXES 2023. Plus the winning start-up can also expect increased attention from influencers and the media. The opti BOX AWARD will be presented live at opti 2022, and is supported by the trade journal eyebizz. The jury will assess five criteria: design, sustainability, functionality, technology, and marketing. “Apart from the good planning and the assurance that the event will be carried out safely in 2022, the opti BOX AWARD is also a very special treat for me. The start-ups will be rewarded for their innovative spirit and their trade fair appearance further enhanced, regardless of whether they win in the end,” says Reiter.

“opti 2022 is going to be fabulous,” says Josef May as Chairman of the Board of the industry association SPECTARIS. “At last we’re all going to be together again. No one should miss this opportunity to experience the optics trade fair of the new era.” As managing director of Luneau Technology Deutschland, Willi Gronau is particularly looking forward to planning for the coming year. “We lived off opti 2020 for months; it gave us a boost that lasted the whole year. One year without opti has been enough. We are really looking forward to Munich and the industry meeting in January, and we know from our webinars and digital events that our customers also can’t wait to see us live and in person again.” ZEISS Vision Care is also looking towards Munich. “Of course, digital formats have become more important over the past 18 months, not only generally but also at ZEISS. It’s easy to convey pure information digitally, but it’s far more difficult to do the same with emotions. ZEISS thrives on emotions. In the past, we have always succeeded in conveying the benefits of our products emotionally. Our innovations want to be tangible, perceptible, we want to convey dialogue on site. Naturally the specialist topics play a major role, but there is no substitute for a meeting at a trade fair stand or at the bar,” explains Christoph Hinnenberg, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at DACH ZEISS Vision Care.

International guests for a successful trade fair

A successful trade fair also includes international guests, and they will not be missing with open borders and easy travel. Trade fair participants from abroad will be able to enter the country provided the entry requirements that apply to that country are followed. At the moment, the usual conditions apply for a visit to the trade fair: vaccinated, recovered, tested. Only people coming from high-risk areas will be required to quarantine, although there are general exceptions for trade fair participants from abroad who have tested negative and who are staying for up to five days on a business visit.

The entry conditions and hygiene concept for opti 2022 are subject to the dynamic infection situation and the associated legal requirements. GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH and the Bavarian trade fair operators and organisers are in close contact with the responsible state ministries. “The recommendations made will be reviewed after the Cabinet’s summer break, but also after the first trade fairs in the autumn. The currently valid recommendations will provide orientation. As things stand today, we expect opti 2022 to be relaxed, safe, and successful. We are really looking forward to seeing people again,” says opti director Bettina Reiter with confidence.


Josef May, Chairman of the Board of the industry association SPECTARIS

“Much will be different at trade fairs in the coming years. But one thing we do know for sure: we have an incredible longing to see our customers in person again. To talk about the things that you can’t discuss so well on the phone or digitally. To show them our products. To be able to demonstrate and touch them. To explain our service packages. And just to have fun together. To motivate each other and encourage each other to try new things. And to invest in that.”

“Munich in the middle of January has always been the perfect time window for the majority of us. Provided the infection rates and our precautionary measures don’t put a stop to all our plans, opti 2022 is going to be fabulous. At last we will all be together again. An optometry trade fair of the new era – now that’s something no one should miss.”


Thomas Truckenbrod, President of the Central Association of Opticians and Optometrists

“Ophthalmic optics thrive on personal contact. I miss the planned and the spontaneous meetings that only a trade fair can provide. I would like to be able to see all the collections of frames that it would be impossible to see in the shop. I would like to have an optometric device shown to me and be able to compare it directly with another one a few meters away. And I would like to be able to talk shop with representatives from the lens and contact lens manufacturers and spot a colleague out of the corner of my eye and draw them in on the spur of the moment.”

“And last but by no means least, I would like to be on the ZVA stand and available to all those professionals who want to talk to me or my colleagues from the committee and the board about professional policy issues or their specific concerns and needs. No virtual meeting in the world can offer all these options at the same time and in the same place. Only the opti can.”

“So I am looking forward to the long-overdue “family reunion” in Munich to spend three days together and collectively consider how we can provide our customers with even better care and inspire them in the future.”


About opti

opti is the international trade show for optics & design and takes place annually in January, alternating between Munich and Stuttgart. It offers trade visitors the complete spectrum of ophthalmic products, from spectacle frames and lenses, contact lenses, refraction, diagnosis and low vision to shopfitting and technical equipment. opti is the platform for product premières by international market leaders and start-ups alike. The event was first held in 1998, and since 2008 has been organized by GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. Due to the corona pandemic, it had to be cancelled once in 2021.

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