Opti Cancels – MIDO Postpones

COVID-19 isn’t making life easy for anyone. Every optical shop, every optician, every eyewear designer and manufacturer, every grocer, every restaurant employee, every driver, ever office worker, every teacher, and every student has had had their lives affected in one way or another by the Coronavirus. As of today, the world has experienced almost 38 million cases and 1.1 million deaths in this deadly pandemic. Luckily for most of us, COVID has been nothing more than an inconvenience. We mask up, wash our hand more often, and social distance as best we can.

Conferences and trade shows too have felt the sting of this tiny virus. Since people are unable to gather in any large numbers safely, we’ve seen every conference of convention either canceled, postponed, or radically altered to deal with COVID. From the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer to SXSW and Coachella, 2020 has been the year of staying home.

Optical too has felt the sting. 100% Optical and opti both took places as planned in January just as the Coronavirus was beginning to spread. By February, Milan became the European hotspot for COVID and MIDO was at first postponed and then canceled for 2020. So too was Vision Expo East in New York as the Javits Center was converted into a field hospital for the exploding number of cases in New York City in March. Luckily it wasn’t needed. As spring turned to summer we all had high hopes for Vision Expo West and SILMO in Paris, but those too had to be canceled or downsized due to the easy spread of COVID.

Today, opti, scheduled for 2021 in Stuttgart instead of Munich and MIDO in Milan announced changes to their 2021 schedules. Opti elected to postpone their early January conference until 2022. MiDO postponed their early February conference to June 5-7, 2021. Both shows, like the already postponed 100% Optical (May 8-10) and Vision Expo East (May 25-28) hope that at the very least, the warm weather will enable more outdoor events and fresh air indoors at their conferences and at the best, that several vaccines will be in wide enough circulation that participants and visitors will be able to congregate on planes, trains, and busy halls without fearing someone a few feet away of carrying the virus.

Let’s hope all these delayed shows are able to take place and we are all able to safely say hello in person once again.

Here are the new dates as of October 12, 2020:

100% Optical         May 8-10, 2021
Vision Expo East    May 25-28, 2021
MIDO                      June 5-7, 2021
opti                         January14-16, 2022

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