opti Sustainability Award Accepting Applicants

opti Sustainability Award for the ophthalmic optics

opti Director Cathleen Kabashi gives the starting signal for a new industry award: “With the opti Sustainability Award, we are picking up on important developments within the industry and, on the other hand, proving ourselves as a source of inspiration. Today, it is no longer enough to put on a green face. For every single participant in the industry, it’s a matter of doing instead of talking.”

opti – the international platform for ophthalmic optics from 12 to 14 January 2024 in Munich will focus on one of the most important challenges of our time, sustainability. With the “opti Sustainability Award” competition, the trade show invites national and international opticians to present their current activities in terms of sustainability. Based on the three pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations in its Agenda 2030 – social, economic, and ecological – relevant initiatives of the companies such as the design of the business premises, relevant approaches to the avoidance of microplastics, alternative energy supply, climate-neutral behavior, diversity within the workforce and much more count towards the competition.

Selected participants of the competition will present their inspiring solutions live in January 2024 at opti in the opti SUSTAINABILITY HUB.

“Get down to business and do something instead of just talking”

This motto unites the Interessengemeinschaft (IG) Nachhaltigkeit in der Augenoptik (Association for Sustainability in Ophthalmic Optics), which has formed itself for opti 2022 and, with its high level of expertise, evaluates all submissions as a jury. Applications can be submitted online via the opti website until 15 November 2023. Pitches by the selected finalists, the jury’s decision, and the award ceremony will take place live within the dedicated opti SUSTAINABILITY HUB at the trade show in Munich on Friday. The prize is an earmarked honorary prize of 5,000 euros.

Details on how to apply for the award can be found at https://www.opti.de/en/opti-trends/sustainability/sustainability-award. The jury and their outstanding commitment as well as inspiring impulses for a comprehensive sustainability strategy within the optical industry are also presented here.

For convinced exhibitors, there is the opportunity to effectively position themselves as a sponsor at the new award on an international stage.

“Every single contribution to a better eco-balance in ophthalmic optics counts! The more participants, the more effectively the positive results will be felt in the industry. For opti and for ophthalmic optics, the Sustainability Award is above all a question of attitude in the awareness of our social co-responsibility,” comments the new President of the Central Association of Opticians and Optometrists (Zentralverband der Augenoptiker und Optometristen, ZVA), Christian Müller, on the award announcement.

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