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This week’s entire show is an interview with the co-founder of The Optical Vision Site and The Optical Journal, Cathy Ives, discussing sustainable and recycled eyewear companies.

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Here are some of the links of the companies Cathy discusses in the interview.

Parley for the Oceans

Dresden Eyewear from Austrailia

Sea2Sea Sustainable Eyewear

Hemp Eyewear – Made from Hemp (not marijuana)

Uptitude Eyewear – eyeglasses recycling old snowboards and skies

Traps Eyewear – Recycled Maine lobster traps

Homes Eyewear – Deconstructed housing stock

Shwood Eyewear – The original wood sunglasses

Loch Eyewear – From timber recovered from the depths of the Great Lakes

MonkeyGlasses – Helping to save the Orangutans

MODO Eyewear – One Frame – One Tree

Parafina – Eco-friendly eyewear

Karun Eyewear – Made from recycled fishing nets and reclaimed wood from Patagonia

Borneo – Eco-friendly sunglasses made from scrapwood

PaperEyes – Handmade eyewear from paper and textiles

Evoke Eyewear – Made from Coconuts

Solo Eyewear – Eco-friendly sunglasses made with repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic

Vinylize – Eyewear from old vinyl records

Parkman – Wood and recycled vinyl albums

Spexwax – Recycled vinyl albums

Genusee Eyewear – Made in Flint, MI. from recycled water bottles

Coca-Cola –  Recycled Bottle Script Sunglasses Red

Here is one of Cathy’s earlier stories about eyewear from recycled materials.



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