Optical Equipment Tax Break Reminder from Briot

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We probably don’t need to remind you Optical Equipment buyers that you can get a $250,000 tax deduction on qualifying optical equipment bought this year, 2010. Our friends at Briot pointed this out on their Facebook page earlier this year and we thought now was a good reminder as some ECP’s will be looking at Optical equipment at Vision Expo West next month but thinking about putting off actual purchases until 2011.

From Briot’s Facebook page, here is a picture of  Dr. Steve Bennett, OD with his son – Decatur Vision Center in Decatur with their new Accura CX edger.

“The HIRE Act of 2010 – The ‘Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act’ of 2010 passed on a bipartisan Senate vote of 68-29 extending the enhanced Section 179 deductions of 2008 / 2009 into 2010. Businesses can now write-off up to $250,000 of qualified equipment and software during the 2010 tax year – subject to a phase-out if a business has capital expenditures exceeding $800,000.” For more information go to this link Section 179.

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