Optical Halloween

Halloween has celebrated in the United States since the early 19th century. It was brought here by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland as a magic time when people are able to make contact with the spirit world the evening before All Saints Day.  All Hallow’s Eve became a time of parties and costumes and a celebration of harvests.

While Halloween was for most of the 20th century a holiday mostly celebrated by children going door to door in their neighborhoods in costumes collecting candy, the holiday spirit has seemed to stick with kids growing up in the 21st century and is now celebrated by children and adults alike. It is a wonderful holiday to be a little something or someone a little different than you are every day.

Optical practices are celebrating Halloween much to the delight of their customers and patients. We saved a number of pictures posted last Halloween from optical practices across the country (with their permission) and want to share those with you here, just in case your store or practice is thinking of celebrating Halloween together.

Send us your photos from this Halloween and we will try to include you in next year’s Halloween celebrations.

Colleen Galanti of Pascarella Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Micki Lorelli of Juno Beach Optical
Dr. Shelby DelRae of My Family Vision Clinic
Dr. Mahtab Vaziri Mechanic of Shady Grove Eyecare
submitted by Liz De la Rosa
Dr. Marianne Mike Banales and the staff at The Lasik Vision Institute
Deb Dugger, Misti Schroeder, Nancy-Marshall Pounds, and Mandy Johnson at Optical Gallery in Kearney,Nebraska
David Evan Salk
Todd Rogers Berberian and family
Yvonne Shuval of Ovvo Optics
Nikki Griffin of EyeStyles Optical and Boutique
Dr. Nguyen Quach of QT Optometry
Dani Bullard and co-workers from East Main Vision Clinic
Dr. Jessica Young
Bill MacGillivray of Eye Health Northwest
Kayte Doggett and Mariam at Carolinas Vision Group
Lazy Eye – Joy Stone, OD
Pink Eye – Rachel Turner, Technician
Evil Eye – Christy Bandy, Front Desk
Eye of the Tiger – Keri Tuck, LDO
Office: EyeCare Optical – Knoxville, TN