Optical Profitability- Booking Vision Appointments

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Are You Booked all day with eye exams or vision appointments? Do you and your staff focus on getting vision appointments? Having appointments means you have patients coming in the door, very important for profitability.

Potential Income: (Example)

  • Working 5 days a week and a total of 8 Vision Appointments/day = 40
  • Charge $100 an appointment= $4,000/ week gross income from Vision Appointments or $200,000/year in gross income.

To get that gross income the goal=  40 Appointments per week.

The question then arises how do I book 40 appointments a week? Listed below are some solutions to fulfill your Vision Appointment Calendar!

10 Ways to Reaching Vision Appointment Goals

  1. Involve every staff member- they should all be involved in booking appointments.
  2. Remind each patient about pre-appointing.
  3. Make booking vision appointments part of every staff meeting, review and track. Assign one person to track and report results.
  4. Reward all staff when appointment goals are met- make it fun and have a ‘shout’ when goals are met!
  5. Train optical staff on Telephone Techniques and answering questions and objections on the phone
  6. Pre-Appoint every patient that is leaving.
  7. If you have a website- put ‘Book Appointment’ now on the site
  8. Give each optical staff business cards with appointment times on the back side. Have them Freely pass out cards.
  9. Reach out to Recall Patients who have not been in. Make it a goal to call 10 per day.
  10. When a patient calls for an appointment- Ask them if they want to bring in any family or friends with them.