Optical Song- Clinical Rotation- Bridgebuilders Eye Clinic

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Ay, ay
Started in Dallas, I spread out wit’ it
i see glaucoma, AMD, diabetes
On to melanoma, papiloma lid disease
from the nasty herpes how do i treat
to colobomas which is very unique
medicare, medicade, got no money. holl at me
eye exams, bridgebuilder, its all free baby
Joe’s da man in Dallas, better ask marcus
seeing lots of patients, hard to adjust to
floatin’ and spinnin’, throw down my ret
Drop my time’, and thats a bet
green light optos, gonna take a picture
get in the phoropter dont move your head
Anything you hear that I said, I meant it
keep your eyes open, open up wide
IOP then i’ll look inside

If you want glasses bridgebuilder supply you
Got enough frames to satisfy the town
They won’t dilate you unless you ask to
Come around and try to stomp on our ground
‘Cause we takin’ over, one eye at a time
Said we takin’ over, one eye at a time
Said we takin’ over, one eye at a time
Said we takin’ over, one eye at a time

Boss, that would be Joe
got meetings everyday, everyday he does
figh-tiiing for our rights
he’s an activist with alot of pride
mar cusss, the right hand man
Got lotta knowledge, up to his neck
he talks like a lot
Amy, Shamika
holdin it down, checkin in patients
please done rush, or it wont be pretty
tell it like it is, they be actin so silly
Money dont come, cuz its all free
come see us, dang it rite now
cuz we on fire, you better be cautious
we migth be young but in us u can trust
dr books,stewart, mak, pham le and me
thats a good deal dont u agree


Yo, When you come in, have a seat
There’s too many patients no, time to eat
But, I gotta eat, I’m gonna sneak
Crackers but I really want some beef
I’m gonna tell you like I told her
I’ma call you back whenever I’m free
Floater get me an OCT
And, make sure that, they don’t leave
you can follow me and have a seat
in this room that Marco gave me
no english, spanish only?
gotta get marcus for the history
diabetes, blood pressure at 193
u cant see nothing, and i would agree
2 hours in time for DFE


GDx, yeah we got one
black and 45 so we got him done
run in the the fam’, mom dad and son
gotta sit real still or it wont run
OCT next, wont take long
scan the nerve to see whats wrong
shout out to travatan on this song
Been a g in the game use to treat glaucoma
this is sweet
Feed me knowledge like a feast
I’m untamed, I need a leash
too much info im gonna freak
i love to learn, but got ADD
Why complain on easy streets?
I don’t even talk, I let the marcus speak
learn codes and fees, in about a week
learn about insurance they cant fool ya
learn how to satisty your consumer
bill it rite to make that mula
you-can eat good steak or eat some tuna
Red light! Red light! Stop your rumors
we stay on track yes at bridge builders
cuz every d d day is a thriller
happy hour drinkin miller