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Seiko Eyewear does a great job of providing online optical staff education. The courses they offer are not only free, but ABO approved as well.  The optical training courses presented are easily understood and can be used to establish your own internal optical staff training programs.

The current Programs offered:


  • Understanding PERFAS
  • The Skinny on PAL Technology
  • Understanding Succeed Internal Free-Form
  • Meeting Lens Technology Challenges
  • Edging Today’s Lenses
  • AR-Right
  • Retina Forward Design
  • Tailored for Success
  • Ten Ways to Dispense High Index Lenses
  • Progressive Dispensing
  • Understanding Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Advances in Progressive Lens Design


  • Making Adjustments
  • Reducing Redos and Remakes
  • Today’s Titanium Frames
  • Titanium: The Eyewear Solution
  • Understanding Three-Piece Mountings

Office Management

  • Whole Optical Dispensing
  • Managing Lab-Dispenser Relationships
  • Professionalism: Your Best Marketing Tool
  • Handling Difficult Patients

Marketing and Advertising

  • Effective Publicity for ECPs
  • The Power of Brand Names
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