10 Keys to Optical Vendor Tracking

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Getting help from your vendors can help you with the success of your office. Keeping track of all the various programs, education, events and even trade support can be challenging. We highly recommend you have a form (on the computer) for each vendor you see. We count each rep as a vendor. 

This form should be discussed with each of your reps in your annual or bi-annual rep business meeting. 

What can you learn? 

1.) All the products and services available from the optical company- might be able to eliminate smaller vendors and roll some buying into a primary vendor. 

2.) Is there a buy-in? How much product do you have to carry in order to keep the line? What merchandising is available to support the product? 

3.) Learn the Co-op plan and how to use it to maximize your marketing dollars. 

4.) Education and training programs offered. Your rep might be a whiz at adjusting frames, why not have them come in and do a training. You might have a rep who loves to do Trunk Shows,- why not have a special event with that rep. 

5.) Learn the discount policy- is it achievable? Will it make you overbuy? You will be able to make a economic call as to whether or not use a buying group. Get the discount without having to make major purchases.

6.) Can you save money and time by ordering online.  Do they drop ship (saving more money and time) 

7.) Delivery Information- how do they ship, Next day? Fed-X, UPS Ground. What is their back-order rate? 

8.) Trade Support- do they attend the local state meetings? (Educational Support) 

9.) Special information- that is important to you- such as a social cause, exclusive, consumer ads, consumer postcards.  

10.) Set a goal with your vendors- for sell through, for training and education, for appointments. 








Web Site











Rep Name

Brand Carried









Online Ordering





Brands/Products Carried

Price Point

Buy-In and board space



 Merchandising Available 

















Discount Policy






Co-op Policy





Buying Groups





Delivery Information





Return/Exchange Policy





Education Available





Special Programs










Trade Support





Board Space


Training Programs








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