Optical Vendors- A Primary Source of Referrals

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How many times has an optical vendor come into your office and you retreat to the back room? Have you ever ignored one of your vendors? Stood them up for an appointment? Treated them rudely? Your optical vendors can be your best advocates in getting and keeping new patients. 

As a field eyeglass rep for over 25 years, I have carefully trained my friends and family to be picky about their eyewear and eyecare services.  They always ask me where to go, who are the best doctors, who has the best selection …… and when they encounter a problem, I am the first person they call to ask where to go. 

True Stories: 

  • Jill- I sent to Dr. G- she has been a long term patient for over 15 years. 
  • Ginny- I sent to Dr. O and D.- Not only has she been going to this office for over 10 years, she took her husband and then her kid. Glasses, Contacts, VT, and sunglasses. Unfortunately, the doctors sold the practice, new staff, and who does she call, because she doesn’t like the new doctor, me, I sent her to another Doctor- who is nice! 
  • Rena- I sent to Dr. L. over 10 years ago, – 1 husband, 1 boyfriend and 2 kids later, they all go to see Dr. Levy. Glasses, Contacts and Sunglasses. 
  • My brother- I sent to Dr. P. over 10 years ago, he now has glasses, sunglasses and contact lens business, from my brother, his wife and his 2 kids. 

This is only the beginning of how many recommendations I have made to my friends, family and even people I have met on a plane! That is the Power of your Optical Vendors. You see, if they are rude to anyone who walks in the door, they might be rude to my friends and family. 

The criteria I use when making recommendations: 

1.) Geographic Location- 

2.) If they are nice people- whether I did business with them or not. 

3.) Product selection- filling their needs. 

Moral of this story- my friends and family have spent thousands of dollars with the eye care professionals I have recommended and the recommendations came because the offices were nice. So be nice and courteous with every optical rep that comes in your office, whether you are doing business with them or not.

TC Charton Giselle - The Optical Journal