Optical Web Hosting by Blue Host- Free Stuff

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I don’t know what Web Host/Server you are using and the services they may provide. We use GoDaddy and of course signed up for 2 years (good for SEO) but in another site- Blue Host has a lot of FREE Tools you can use to track your business.

If you use Blue Host-

Go to Blue Host and click on  Your Domain (view)  and on the Left Sidebar there is AWstats- which offers tons of Free Analytic Information. What I look for is something called Bot or Robots or Spider. These are Web Crawlers from Search Engines, who crawl through all Websites and Blogs and pick up Keywords to present to the Internet Surfer

The Results look something like this

What this says: Google, Yahoo, MSN. Ask and Alexa and a few other Robots crawled through the site, picked up content and keywords-so if the ‘Internet Surfer’ inputs the right keywords, your site will show up – and hopefully on Google pages 1-3 and That’s a good thing.

Also listed on the same page are the IP Addresses of people who clicked into your site. Wanna know where they came from? Copy and paste the IP Address into IP2Location , and you will find the Region and City. Oh and it’s FREE too!

Again, remember this is basic, basic stuff- and we are certainly not experts- but the information is important to know about and learn so you can optimize your hits to your site and gain patients!