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I have been doing a lot of interviews lately with optical labs, lens and frame vendors. One of the topics that keeps repeating itself is the problem of over promising and under delivering to the optical consumer especially when it comes to new products. I believe that free-form optical lenses are one of the areas that optical consumers can have unrealistic expectations and that there is a lot to learn about lenses so we should take every opportunity we can to become better educated  about them.


Jobson’s 20/20 Magazine Opticianry Study Center  is a great resource for CE’s and I noticed this month’s issue, August 2009 has a 1 CE Credit “The Other Side of Free-Form”. I am not an optician but I would highly recommend this CE for any optical person who is interested as it really goes into depth about the process and technical aspects. It helped me understand what free form means and how it relates to progressive lens performance.

The CE is also available online at www.2020mag.com.  You might want to check out the other CE courses available from Jobson’s Opticianry Study Center, there is a great online selection. Plus there are regular  Webinars check out the”back to basics” one coming up September, 2 2009.

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