Opticians Association of America Elects New President

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362At the recent National Opticians Convention, the Opticians Association of America (OAA) elected Tom Barracato as President of the Association. Mr. Barracato is the owner of Adolph Optical Service in Akron, Ohio. Mr. Barracato is a former President of the Opticians Association of Ohio; currently serves on the Ohio Licensing Board; and recently served as an OAA appointment to the ABO-NCLE Board of Directors.

The election took place during OAA’s Annual Delegate Assembly Meeting. The Delegate Assembly serves as the voting body of the association and consists of OAA members from all over the United States.

On his election as President, Tom Barracato had this to say, “It is an honor to be elected to an office as prestigious as President of the Opticians Association of America. My hope is to represent the American Optician in a way that continues to build on this great profession while focusing on strengthening the state associations across the country. The Opticians Association of America serves as the single unified voice for the profession of opticianry and as the optical industry continues to change it is more important than ever for all opticians to have a powerful voice and say in these changes.”

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