Opticians Association Of America Opens Registration For Virtual Leadership Experience

The Opticians Association of America (OAA) has officially opened registration for the 2021 OAA Virtual Leadership Experience, which will take place on February 21, 2021.

The 2021 OAA Virtual Leadership Experience is an immersive event that provides the profession of opticianry with guidance, instruction, inspiration, and the developmental skills to navigate the ever-changing world.  This one-day event will feature many of today’s top leaders in the optical community leading general and breakout sessions.  Our speakers will cover topics from the Art of Conveying your Public Message and Pursuing Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity in the Workplace to Achieving your Greatest Potential at Work and Creating a Winning Culture in the Workplace.

“The Opticians Association of America is excited to offer this virtual leadership experience to all of our members and opticians across the country,” said Sue Shire, OAA Virtual Leadership Chairman.  “The world has changed over the past year and OAA believes it is essential to come together as a profession and prepare for the brighter days that are ahead of us.  The OAA Virtual Leadership Experience is a motivational event that will inspire all opticians at all levels that attend.”

Here is a quick highlight of some of the featured speakers that will be participating in the 2021 OAA Virtual Leadership Experience: Pete Hanlin (Essilor); Jim Trick (Life Coach); Ashley Mills (The Vision Council); Howard Purcell (New England College of Optometry); Jim Morris (ABO-NCLE); Phernell Walker (Renowned National Speaker); and Dibby Bartlett (Opticians Association of America).

For more information or registration instructions for the 2021 OAA Virtual Leadership Experience, please visit oaa.org/reach-for-the-stars-2021.

Established in 1926, as the Guild of Prescription Opticians, the Opticians Association of America (OAA) is the only national organization representing opticianry’s business, professional, educational, legislative, and regulatory interests.

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