Optimizing Your Optical Website- Google Analytics- Traffic Sources

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Part 2 – Follow up on Google Analytics Optimizing Your Website

On your Dashboard (Home Page) on the Left Sidebar is a category- Traffic Sources. (click it)

A whole other world opens up!

Top Section – Traffic Sources Overview

  • Shows Your Hits

Middle Section- Traffic Sources sent a total of 24,316 Visits

Using the Examples shown:

3.90% came from Direct Traffic– subscribers or people that went directly to the site. Click on Direct Traffice – you can look to see if they were interested in what you had to say. How many pages they visited, how much time they spent on the site and the bounce rate.

6.07% came from Referring Sites– Clicking on Referring Sites will tell you (especially if you are social networking) who refers to your site.  Google is- and should be the top search. But note that ‘Stumbleupon’ sent 68 people to the site. Blog Catalog sent 43 people to the site. (That is why it is important to get your Website or Blog listed in online Website Directories.

You can click on the page to make it larger.

Here’s the Fun Part- Who are these people you ask! You can actually copy and paste the urls’s into your browser to check them out! For instance pipodekloon.nl – This is a Surf Site- (Foreign Language- but they sent 35 people to this site.) Hire a Helper (moving company) sent 94 people to this site! Talk about the power of the Internet! And this information is Free! Email’s will also show up- It’s pretty impressive- when you look at it. Now this is even better- City of Vista picked up this blog and listed it on their city site. Can you imagine if your local city did that for your website!

90.03% came from Search Engines- recap

Bottom Section Top Traffic Resources

You have Traffic Sources Again in Depth

Keywords – these are the words that people are plugging into search engines to find you. You want to have as many keywords in your site as you possibly can. This particular site has 18, 627 Key words that people used to find it.

What does this tell you? What people are looking for- words and queries they use to find you. In this case 6 of the top key words have to do with homemade beauty products. Gives you a trend on what the consumer is looking for and you can adjust your optical services and products accordingly.

Here’s the other thing- (Advance Option) 2 Visits came from iPhones from (Homemade Hair Dyes)

Once Again these are Basic Analytics. I’m not an expert, but thought I would put it out there for us non-techie people.