Optimizing Your Optical Website- Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

If you are a techie guru, you probably don’t need to read this. If you have a website or a blog and are not getting the hits or subscribers you want, consider reading this post. As we learn the basics of Search Engine Optimizing- we are going to pass on what we are learning about SEO to you. Why is this important? For you, to gain new patients profitably, reach a larger audience and sell your optical services online. Basically it a FREE service to make more money!

Both Shirley and I are the most non- techie people you could ever meet so if we can do this, so can you! We are only going to talk about the Dashboard (Home Page) for this post. It is advisable to get in the habit of checking your Googel dashboard every day.

Step 1- Sign up for FREE Google Analytics After that, Google will start tracking your data from the day you sign up.

Once the Site is open- you come to the Home Page or the Dashboard (see above)

Top of the Page


  • The First Thing you see are your Hits – hopefully you have hits and hopefully the hits will grow. As you start to optimize your site or blog, your target audience should really grow.

Site Usage:

  • Visits- good you want to watch that grow
  • Page Views- These are different from visits- page views means that they stayed on your site and went to various categories
  • Pages Per Visit- Of course you want them to read multiple pages
  • Bounce Rate- Bounce Rate is the percentage of people that bounce off your site! (Never Good) Very important- Strive for less than 50% Bounce Rate
  • Average Time-
  • % of New Visits- This you want to get as high as you can. It means you are reaching a larger audience for your products and services.

Middle Section- Visitor Overview and Map Overlay

Visitors Overview-

  • Click the view report and it takes you into a whole another arena, that we are not going to go into now -BUT- this was extremely important to us because our site works better with any other browser than Internet Explorer. Because 51.62% of our visitors used Internet Explorer, we changed our site. We had to do this, because it was not showing well and people were ‘bouncing off’ the site.

Map Overlay-

  • Click the view report  and that will tell you how far your audience has reached. We have now reached 19 countries! We know now that our 19th country, Fiji, our bounce rate was 100%!

Bottom Section- Traffic Sources Overview and Content Overview

Traffic Sources Overview

  • Click View Report and you see your top traffic sources and keyword (so important)

Content Overview

  • Click View Report and your will see your top pages. Where your visitors go and what is important to them

Remember this is only a brief overview of what is on the dashboard. We are not experts in this, we don’t claim to be the best in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but if you are like we are and working on a budget, and don’t have the money to pay someone- you might try this first!