OrCam Read Device Named as 2022 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year

Award Winning OrCam MyEye

OrCam Technologies, a global leader in personal, empowering AI-driven tech innovations, today announced that OrCam Read, a first-of-its-kind, handheld digital reader that instantly reads text aloud from any printed surface or digital screen, has been named Best Consumer Edge AI End Product by the 2022 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards.

The Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Awards celebrate the innovation and achievement of the industry’s leading companies that are enabling and developing products incorporating edge AI and computer vision technologies. The Edge AI End Product categories recognize innovation, differentiation, customer and market impact in complete systems and solutions delivered directly to consumer, enterprise or government markets.

“We are delighted that the OrCam Read device has been further recognized as a 2022 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, OrCam Technologies Co-founder and Co-Chairman. “Using OrCam’s more than ten years of experience in adding Computer Vision, Speech, and Language capabilities to edge devices to advance the latest research in Deep Learning, we have been able to provide users of all ages who experience low to moderate vision loss, as well as those with reading challenges, including dyslexia, with the speed and precision of high-performance computation servers to help reduce social stigma, elevate self-confidence and improve access to all texts, no matter the environment.”

Launched in 2020, OrCam Read is the first of a new class of easy-to-use handheld digital readers that supports people with mild to moderate vision loss, as well as those with reading challenges, to access the texts they need and to more effectively accomplish their daily tasks. Featuring intuitive point-and-click operation, the lightweight OrCam Read is the first and only personal AI reader that is able to instantly capture full pages of text from both print or screens sources using simple “point & click” operation – without any display screen, app, or cloud connectivity, in comparison to existing, conventional, “competing” pen scanning products that require physical scanning, word-by-word or line by line throughout the entire page, which is highly inefficient.

Whether reading an article for school, perusing a news story on a smartphone, reviewing a phone bill, or ordering from a menu, OrCam Read is the only personal AI reader that can instantly capture and read full pages of text and digital screens out loud. All of OrCam Read’s information processing – from its text-to-speech functionality implemented to operate on the edge, to its voice-controlled operation using the “Hey OrCam” voice assistant, to the Natural Language Processing (NLP)- and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)-driven Smart Reading feature – is processed locally, on the device, with no data connectivity required.

OrCam Technologies is globally awarded for its highly advanced, AI-driven solutions – which pack easy-to-use, innovative tech into wearable and handheld assistive technology platforms that empower tens of thousands of users worldwide. The company’s previous award recognitions include the 2022 CES Innovation Award honoree and TIME Best Invention of 2019 for OrCam MyEye Pro/2, TIME Best Invention of 2021, and 2021 CES Best of Innovation for OrCam Read, and 2020 CES Innovation winner for OrCam Hear.

“This is the fifth year of our awards program and once again we were impressed with the number of high-quality entries across a broad range of product categories—from building-block technologies to ready-to-use solutions delivered directly to consumers and enterprises.” said Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “The popularity of our awards program is a testament to the diversity and accelerating expansion of edge AI and vision technologies into virtually every industry.”

About OrCam Technologies: OrCam Technologies, a global leader in personal AI assistive technology platforms, was jointly founded in 2010 by Israeli innovators Prof. Amnon Shashua and Mr. Ziv Aviram, who are also the Co-founders of Mobileye (now an Intel company), the collision avoidance system leader and autonomous driving innovator. Inspired by this development of ground-breaking artificial vision technology that supports safer driving, OrCam harnesses highly advanced, AI-driven computer vision and machine learning to provide increased independence to people who are blind or visually impaired, have reading challenges, or hearing loss.

For more information: www.orcam.com and YouTube and follow OrCam on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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