Ørgreen – 1st QUANTUM HIGH Drop Of 2022

Ørgreen’ Quantum High 2022

Ørgreen has released four new styles built on the technical mastery of last season’s releases, including male models Deep Space and Voyager, along with Interstellar and Starblazer for women. Timeless eyewear outlines have been given a contemporary refresh with state-of-the-art production and perfectly-pitched muted colorways with accents of vibrance.

Ørgreen’s QUANTUM HIGH collection has recalibrated what’s possible within eyewear design. Combining the design freedom of 3D printing with Ørgreen’s long-established titanium expertise has allowed for contemporary construction, sophisticated expressions of color, and supreme levels of comfort.

Four new additions build on the refined QUANTUM HIGH collection, which sees 3D printed polyamide front shapes paired with lightweight beta-titanium temples using an innovative in-house hinge design. The mixture of the textured finish and subtle tones of the polyamide, and the smooth titanium temples with accent hues creates sensory juxtaposition in both aesthetics and feeling.

Together the four releases comprise a strong selection of timeless outlines and broaden the QUANTUM HIGH portfolio. Each frame is a reimagined quintessential shape evoking a sense of the past while showing modern design twists and appreciation of color.

Deep Space’s masculine panto shape is given a twist of modernity with on-trend hexagonal geometry and refined accent colors on beta-titanium temples – with a hint of raw metal coloration on show for detail obsessives. Men’s shape Voyager also looks to the past, with a soft and gentle square outline and colorways like Graphite and Mat Lagoon Blue offering a contrast between fronts and temples.

New women’s shapes are defined by color and oversized proportions. Interstellar has a confident butterfly outline with clever use of geometry, while Starblazer takes the timeless cat’s eye shape and gives it an alluring overhaul with generous dimensions. Deft use of color for earthy tonal matches and high-spirited combinations is realized in the mediative pairing of Blue Smoke and Silver on Interstellar and the bubbly candy shop combination of Smoke Rose and Mat Pink on Starblazer – perfect for creating an eyewear wardrobe.



Deep Space is an elegant and highly accessible unisex frame, an older sibling to our best-selling Lava Flava from the same QUANTUM HIGH collection. This optical style brings a classic hexa-panto shape into a modern light, distinct with architectural keyhole detailing around a pleasantly W-shaped bridge.

Minimal eye-rim dimensions, an integrated hinge system, and our signature beta-titanium wire temples complete this ultra-contemporary style, with the accent color scheme adding a pleasant twist. Silicone nose pads ensure light and comfortable wear.



This female QUANTUM HIGH style takes the best of its series – beta-titanium wire temples with accent colors, an integrated hinge system, and bespoke silicone nose pads – and pushes towards a cool, modern look by way of its geometric, hexagon shape. The deep lens creates an oversized look and works to open up the eye shape of any wearer, supported by a minimal eye rim dimension that produces a concave profile. A powerful statement with subtle cosmetic advantages.



With its deep lens and cat-eye panto shape, Starblazer creates an alluring oversized look working to open up the face of any wearer. The minimal eye rim dimension conjures a concave profile, supported by our intensely durable beta-titanium wire temples, a signature of the QUANTUM HIGH series. This female optical frame is ideal for larger faces, and balances a subtle, industrial design (complete with an integrated hinge system) with light silicone nose pads, adding balance. A classic style with a feminine twist.



The newest addition to our QUANTUM HIGH series, this classic, pillow-shaped optical frame for men sports a W-shaped bridge as a notable architectural detail and integrated hinge system, while the minimal beta-titanium eye rim communicates a clear but understated luxury. Our QUANTUM HIGH frames are supported by our intensely durable wire temples, silicone nose pads, and temple design. Paired with the soft pillow and masculine hue, Voyager makes for an ultra-contemporary style. Check out these new frames and the entire Ørgreen line on their website at orgreenoptics.com.



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