Ørgreen Imaginary Lines 2022

Ørgreen-Ordinary Lines-2022

Ørgreen IMAGINARY LINES collection continuously pushes the limits of premium quality Japanese titanium—the stable material that has served as the cornerstone of their brand for over 20 years. Re-interpretation titanium eyewear for a younger, fashion-forward audience. Offering premium craftsmanship, supreme titanium, and Ørgreen’s long-celebrated intelligent balancing of comfort and design.

Broad in range and appeal, these four new styles mark the beginning of yet another ambitious year of global releases from Ørgreen. A new portfolio of color stories and combinations stretches these dynamic and highly wearable styles to a broad range of customers, ranging from the traditional and subtly exclusive to the fashion-forward and youthfully avant-garde. Welcome to a new chapter of Ørgreen titanium!

IMAGINARY LINES is Ørgreen’s own design laboratory where they bring their core expertise – titanium – to its thinnest and most minimalist expression. What started as a capsule collection and supplement to their main sheet titanium line is now a growing collection of innovative ultra-thin styles, rendered in a refreshing form that speaks to the younger, more fashion-forward section of their community.

The four new additions to IMAGINARY LINES – Alive, Digital Love, Human, and Revolution – are a dynamic bunch, ranging from the commercial to the quirky and artistic. While Face to Face celebrates Ørgreen’s classic rectangular shape for men, Revolution is a unisex hybrid of forms, combining a geometric top line and panto curvature at the bottom.

Trend-forward and dynamic, IMAGINARY LINES is increasingly cultivating its own design vocabulary, and by extension, its own community of customers across our global markets. This is underscored by the eclectic and original color stories presented in the new range, where timeless shapes and silhouettes are contextualized by way of vibrant contemporary hues that catch the eye.

Alive, Digital Love, Human, and Revolution only mark the beginning of new styles being introduced to the IMAGINARY LINES collection in the year 2022.

Ørgreen Human

Ørgreen HumanA sharp almond shape characterizes Human, a recent addition to our IMAGINARY LINES collection, adding a new flavor to a classic female style, offered in both primary and neutral hues. The radically pointy shape creates a unique, uplifting expression in the wearer, while soldered drop end-pieces and bridge in high-quality titanium ensure a robust foundation to this delicate frame. Silicone nose pads and end-tips ensure comfort and minimal temple design in this exciting female style.


Ørgreen Digital Love
Ørgreen Digital Love

Digital Love is a cool and radically modern frame that dares to play with dimension and width. Crafted in our high-quality titanium, this female frame dons soldered drop end pieces and a bridge that ensures a luxurious expression while retaining a sense of ineffable cool. Silicone nose pads are paired with end-tips in the same material, making for a minimal temple design.


Ørgreen Alive
Ørgreen Alive

Alive is our staple petite frame, an indisputable classic composed of a solid rectangular shape rendered in Ørgreen’s acclaimed high-quality titanium. Soldered bridge and drop end-pieces are paired with a minimal temple design, while subtle silicone nose pads and end-tips soften the industrial icon with a sense of contemporary comfort.


Ørgreen Revolution
Ørgreen Revolution

A newcomer in our IMAGINARY LINES collection, Revolution is a fresh high-quality titanium frame with a hexa-panto shape – a unisex style that suits a wide variety of faces, looks, and personalities. This flexible frame is distinct for its geometric top line and panto curvature at the bottom and comes with soldered drop end pieces and a bridge for utmost elegance. Temples are rendered minimally with silicone end-tips matching the extra comfortable nose pads.


See the entire Orgreen line at orgreenoptics.com.


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