Ørgreen Optics goes to opti 2024 – The Halo Effect

Orgreen Halo Effect - opti 2024

Ørgreen Optics is poised for a triumphant start to 2024 at OPTI, where they will launch a new, captivating acetate collection. Renowned for its fusion of minimalist Danish design and unparalleled Japanese craftsmanship, the brand is set to unveil an eclectic mix of eyewear collections, including the “Halo Nordic Lights” collection. Inspired by the mesmerizing Nordic Light, this collection embodies a subtle “halo effect,” where colors gracefully merge along the edges. These acetate frames are meticulously crafted using lamination techniques, featuring exclusive color pairings and seamless transitions from one captivating hue to the next, resulting in visual masterpieces. Incorporating the signature sharp facet cutting and robust acetate thickness from the renowned Volumetrica capsule collection, the “Halo Nordic Lights” enhances the depth of each hue, making each pair an artful accessory for those who appreciate high-end design.


Orgreen Halo Effect - opti 2024 - Wizard
Orgreen Halo Effect - opti 2024 - Bohemian Beauty
Bohemian Beauty
Orgreen Halo Effect - opti 2024 - Sheriff




About Ørgreen Optics

Ørgreen is an international designer eyewear brand from Copenhagen in Denmark which makes premium eyewear using high-end materials. Known for its dynamic designs and technical precision, Ørgreen sculpts handmade frames with unique color combinations that last a lifetime.

A little more than two decades ago, three friends from Copenhagen – Henrik Ørgreen, Gregers Fastrup, and Sahra Lysell – started their own eyewear label, Ørgreen Optics. Their aim? Design timeless-looking frames for quality-conscious people across the globe. It’s been a long journey since 1997, but a worthwhile one as the brand now enjoys international fame, with eyewear designs available in more than fifty countries worldwide. The company currently has its headquarters in the beautiful Ørgreen Studios in the heart of Copenhagen and a separate office in Berkley, California which runs operations for the North American market. Despite their ongoing growth, Ørgreen Optics still possesses an entrepreneurial culture, with determined and passionate people.

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