Ørgreen Optics Sunglasses For Spring 2021

Orgreen Sunglasses Spring 2021

Ørgreen Optics presents four new additions to its series of acetate sunglass frames for spring/summer 2021. The new styles have been named after four of Copenhagen’s most popular neighborhoods, where vibrancy and manifoldness unite and become the heartbeat of Denmark’s capital city.

Characterized by its strength and superb color adaptability, acetate is the perfect material to explore new avenues of design and color combinations which Ørgreen’s four new sun frames are stunning examples of. These new styles consist of two male, one female and one unisex, but don’t feel constrained to adhering to traditional gender roles with this collection.

ØSTERBRO is a district in eastern Copenhagen that is synonymous with tranquility and timelessness, and its friendly environment is a haven for couples as well as families that enjoy Copenhagen’s pulsating vibe but also relish peace and quiet. Østerbro is a medium-sized square unisex style sun frame that comes in an array of dazzling color combinations such as Transparent Crystal and Dark Havana + Warm Grey, uniquely developed by Ørgreen’s in-house colorist. Østerbro’s rectangular shape and thick temples brilliantly
accommodate a dual-colored front with a unique color combination of Almost Black +
Burned Brick.

Ørgreen Osterbro
Ørgreen Osterbro

VESTERBRO has throughout the last decade quickly become one of Copenhagen’s most
sought-after neighborhoods due to its central location and countless gastronomic options.
The famous meat-packing district is one of Copenhagen’s main tourist attractions, consisting of trendy bars, casual restaurants, and vibrant nightclubs that attract visitors all year round. Vesterbro is a modern take on a classic male sun style inspired by this vibrant area in West Copenhagen and is offered in 4 different color combinations including Transparent Crystal and Havana + Caramel. Vesterbro’s college shaped frame in transparent crystal combined with its polarized green lens is a must-have for any fashion-
conscious male, and its interchangeable colors and patterns on both the front and temples
add a subtle and alternative touch to a classic, versatile male sun frame.

Ørgreen Vesterbro
Ørgreen Vesterbro

In northern Copenhagen lies NØRREBRO: a poly-cultural district synonymous with diversity,
and arguably Copenhagen’s main melting pot of cultures, religions, and ethnicities. In Nørrebro, fashion has no limits. The area is packed with funky restaurants, vibrant bars, and a wide variety of interesting boutiques that locals take great pride in having on their doorstep. Nørrebro is a new female sun style inspired by the iconic cat-eye-shaped frame worn by stylish women for generations, and is produced in 4 wonderful color combinations such as Almost Black + Amber Havana, Burned Wine Twirl, and Transparent Wine. The cat-eye-shaped Nørrebro sun frame comes in a classic Havana with violet end tips, adding a groovy touch to an otherwise classic colorway.

Ørgreen Norrebro
Ørgreen Norrebro

The colored houses and idyllic canals make CHRISTIANSHAVN truly unique and is one of
Copenhagen’s most picturesque districts. For much of the 20th century a working-class neighborhood, Christianshavn developed a bohemian reputation in the 1970s and is now a fashionable, diverse and lively part of the city with its own distinctive personality. Christianshavn’s slightly retro look makes this sun style a must-have for the modern fashion-conscious male with a versatile wardrobe. This acetate frame comes in 4 different color combinations including Black Marble + Clear Warm Grey and Olive + Havana which along with their 4 individual lens colors appeal to a wide range of consumers. Christianshavn’s interchangeable colors and patterns on both the front and temples add a subtle and alternative touch to a classic, versatile male sun frame. These sun frames are truly a must-have this summer.

Ørgreen Christianshavn
Ørgreen Christianshavn

Check out the entire Ørgreen Optics line on their website ØrgreenOptics.com


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